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2009-06-17 16:18:48
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Yuriona Stock Set 1 - Fears

Yellow jacket wasps/hornets nesting in an empty bird house.
A gloomy, shaded forest where sunlight has trouble penetrating.
Even death provides sustenance to the living.
Menacing clouds threaten on the horizon. This particular storm actually spawned two small tornadoes.
Orb weaver spider waiting for a meal to fly into her web.
A large beetle of unknown species.
A large beetle of unknown species.
Dead arms reach out of the darkness. What lies within their shadowed embrace?
A massive tree sleeps in the dim light of the moon.
A green tree frog resting on a branch in the warm sun.
A red winged blackbird calls a warning to those who come too close.
A hunting spider creeps along the ceiling.
A large black wolf spider that is undaunted by the large creature before it.
This garter snake was in no mood to be trifled with after nearly getting carried off by a crow.
This garter snake was in no mood to be trifled with after nearly getting carried off by a crow.

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2009-06-17 [Chimes]: Gloomy forest and the storm one are my favourites. It's a good set, it would be nice if there were more but time constraints and things so, it's okay that there are only this many.
The lighting in the first one intrigues me.

2009-06-17 [Yuriona]: The forest? It was an old cedar (evergreen) forest actually with some deciduous trees at the edge and was quite shaded and damp. It was a sunny day out but the cedar boughs only allowed so much light in.
The wasp nest one was taken on a sunny day from below the bird house which was sitting on a shed roof of the house next door. It was fairly early in the morning so it was still shaded from the sun and the wasps were just starting to come out to bask.
I'll try to get another set made up with what I have though it may not be as varied as this one.

2009-06-17 [Chimes]: Mmm. I love forests. They are pretty and allow your imagination to go wild.
Wow, I don't think you could shoot anything at that time and get a shot looking like that where I am.

2009-06-17 [Yuriona]: I was lucky that it was an old growth cedar forest. There's not too many of those left around here any more. I couldn't get a shot like that where I am now as the evergreens are really tall spruces and pines. I love forests too...just not the bugs that are prevalent in them, namely mosquitoes and black flies. ><

2009-06-18 [Sir. Robert]: I probably would cry if I had to deal with the birdhouse...I hate yellow jackets with a passion!

2009-06-18 [Yuriona]: I was certainly glad it was my neighbour's birdhouse. Yellow jackets are such mean spirited things! ><

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