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Writers Reading for Writers


Welcome! This area is designed for writers who are looking for test readers and for writers who are willing to read others' work and give constructive criticism in the context the author requested. Follow the rules of the website and this wiki group and we will get along great.

Signing up and participating in this group is your implicit compliance to abide by a non-disclosure agreement. If you cannot uphold this rule, kindly leave this wiki page.

See WRfW NDA FAQs for specifics.

Overall Rules of this wiki group:
<img9*0:> Don't be an asshole. This is also Elftown's rule.
<img9*0:> Don't flood the writing area with tons of requests.
<img9*0:> If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. See: rule 1.
<img9*0:> Keep the industry-established comparisons to a minimum. It rings insincere when your feedback is "you're just like X author!" all the time.
<img9*0:> If you want feedback, you need to give feedback, too. For every item you post, you need to read at least one other person's work and give constructive feedback. Failing to do so will result in your works being removed from the "wants feedback" section.
<img9*0:> No disclosing information about another writer's works to those who have not read it.
<img9*0:> Sign the members sheet so you can be updated when new people post, join etc.
<img9*0:> You accept that by participating the mods can remove you for the group for violating the rules and delete your posts.

Rules for the writers:
<img9*0:> Don't post entire novels. Break works up into no more than 3 chapters/poems/short stories at a time.
<img9*0:> We are not professional editors. If you want something more than the services offered here, you'll need to look elsewhere.
<img9*0:> Follow the rules of the writing postings.
<img9*0:> Don't beg for readers.
<img9*0:> Don't get angry at constructive feedback. If somebody is being cruel, report them to one of the mods of the pages or report them to the guards--if it is bad enough.
<img9*0:> Post a content rating and warning at the top of each work.
<img9*0:> Post in the appropriate section of the wiki page for genre and medium.
Give an idea of what feedback you're looking for i.e. "Does the dialogue in this scene sound stilted?" so we are primed to help when we read.

Rules for the readers:
<img9*0:> Don't give feedback that wasn't asked for save for minor spelling errors.
<img9*0:> When you give feedback, remember to be kind and gentle when phrasing your thoughts.
<img9*0:> Don't hate on works because they are out of genre for you.
<img9*0:> Don't hate on works because they have content you don't like--i.e. violence, sex.

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2020-08-26 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: This is amazing!

Can I make a suggestion here about the rules/considerations, though?

2020-08-26 [wicked fae mage]: Yeah, of course. I made these mostly top of my head. I may have overlooked a few things.

2020-08-27 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: My only suggestion is explicitly stating in the rules that signing up and agreeing to read and critique each other's work is a form of non-disclosure agreement--that any and all works posted to this list of wikis are copyrighted to their original authors and violation of those copyright laws can and will result in legal repercussions.

2020-08-27 [wicked fae mage]: I'd considered that. Would probably need to do an explanation page for what that means or FAQ section since not everybody deals with them. I do have one written up for my studio some rewording should work for the purposes of this wiki group.

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