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Hello ^^ Welcome to my second Club, Wolf's Howl: A Kouga Fan-page ^^ You can also visit my other page, The Fluffy Club Of course that's a page for Sesshoumaru fans ^___^
  There are a few rules here:

Rules to join:
1.) Must be an Inuyasha fan.

2.) You have to respect everyone here, no name-calling or swearing.

3.) You have to have a banner on your page within 3 days of joining. If not, you will be taken off the Members list.

4.) Enjoy!!

So yeah, hope you like it!! I'm constantly adding stuff untill I like the page, but until then, this page is kinda dull ^___^ U TTYLater!!

1. [ArkyLarky]

2. [Lucivar SaDiablo]
3. [Sapphire Dragon]
4. [warlord stuart]
5. [Wild~Fire]
6. [Lady Alaina]
7. [Basha]
8. [Black Raithe]
9. [Child of God]
10. [Halkatla]
11. [I'm not blood and rose petal's friend.]
12. [blue_mirage]
13. [Heather Feather]
14. [oh.]
15. [jaguargal]
16. [Sweet Decay.]
17. [Erykun] Kouga -^^-
18. [Benjamin2]
19. [Eloura]
20. [schizoid]
21. [cHot]
23. [*priestess kikyo*]
24. [Dark Blood Child]
25. [chiyo]
26. [Ryvre]
27. [Inuyasha Girl]
28. [Chel.]
29. [Cloudwatcher]
30. [oh.]
31. [Neko the Kitty]
32. [adriane]
33. [Dasner]
34. [Fire-n-Ash] Kouga...*drools*
35. [Vameyre]
36. [lenardo]
37. [deleted12344567 89]
38. [The Keeper Of The Night] I am a friend of the real Kouga. Dont mess with me.
39. [Akika_Inari]
40. [sanke]
41. [bullet with your name]
42. [Fearless Ferrett]
43. [neowolf_92612] waaaah you deleted me
44.[Tyler M]one day koga will defeat that
45.[Wolf--Raven] The one and only. This is the kouga that was here before. Someone hacked my other files.
46.[ayame.] i'm kouga's alpha female! kinda... lol
49.[Yohs_Girl12]I'm in love with Kouga. and I'm [Erykun]'s friend.
51.[Lost In Thought] kouga's sooo kawaii!!!
52.[Kyotaki] I am in love with Kouga!!!
53. [Wee Dee]
54. [!!!Yulyusik!!!] i love inuyasha and koga
55. [Konoha ANBU] is it kogu or kouga? it doesn't really matter anyways i still love him!!!
57.[Open_your_mind]*huggles kouga*I LOVE KOUGA!!!
58.[NeshemaLinet] Koga is so hot!!!!!
59. [*Leric*]
60. [Vampire Knight Cain] He rocks!
61. [koug200]
62. [Mortaltirant]
63.[Piercedskull][Wolf--Raven]'s girl advise u not to mess with me...T.T
64. [*Leric*] Kogas so sexy! He'd kick inuyasha's ass any day ;p
65. [kasaix.x] Koga is awesome...




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[Piercedskull]: cooll....*pokes him with a stick*

[Nuada]: *Twitches*

[Piercedskull]: You dare twitch at me??

[Nuada]: *slowly stands up while shaking badly*falls over on you*

[Piercedskull]: Get off!!Fine!*gets his brain and sticks it back in his head*

[Nuada]: yay I have my brain back...*laughs* you know that I had my brain along time ago I just wanted to fall on you*hands you back the other brain*

[Piercedskull]: *twitchs and burns the other brain**punches*

[Nuada]: *meeps and runs away*

[Piercedskull]: Pervert!!!*chases him and slaps him*

[Nuada]: wha???I am

[Piercedskull]: You fell on me on purpose!!

[Nuada]: that doesnt mean im perverted*sighs*

[Piercedskull]: You being pervertious

[Piercedskull]: *hugz*

[Nuada]: *hugs*

[Piercedskull]: *hugz all*

[Open_your_mind]: *huffles back*

[Piercedskull]: HUFFLES!!

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