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What I love.

This page is dedicated to me. I'm writing my own momento, my own trail of thought. It is probably of no interest to you, and will come off as list of the most farfetched complaints, but I really honestly don't care. I'm mostly one of the people scolded upon anyway. It'll even update every now and then. Comment on this all you want. I'm even leaving the commentzone open to your opinions, and I WILL read it. But whatever you will write, think of it like this. You are whatever it is you are saying. Don't I care about you? I don't give a damn what you're saying. Write down all you want, and find out if I care. This is a good start.


What I love is how people say "writing" when they're actually typing it on a keyboard. They do not realise that this used to be a skill, and only a handfull of people were actually able to write. Yet, now, as one of many things people simply accept the fact that they can write. They even downgrade the grammar, the rules of script, to match how they utter misformed words. People no longer learn to speak and write properly, because if they keep saying and writing things wrong long enough, the language will change for them. Now how's that for a stimulance?


What I love is how people accept things that are incorrect, and don't change it knowingly. Take your average scale, for example. Let's say you live in Europe. In Europe, most scales work in Kilogrammes. This is common, and everybody proclaims their weight in that manner. I.e.: "I weigh 80 kilogrammes". This is wrong. Even the most average student taking physics class should know that kilogrammes is a unit of mass, and mass is the number of small particles which an object or person consists off. Mass multiplied by the gravity-coefficient gives a force in Newton. THAT is what you WEIGH. You WEIGHT is in NEWTON. There's no way that scale can tell you what your mass is, because it doesn't know what your body is made of. It cannot determine the percentage of water you contain. The mass of your body depends on your average density, which is different for any person, any time of the day.


What I love is to see others fall flat on their face when it comes to interaction. I indulge myself in the horrible choice of words others make, and the pathetic stories they tell to people who aren't listening in the first place. I stand by and watch how the hints on people's face simply radiate boredom with each word, and what pleasures me the most is that the one sharing his/her story is so wrapped up into her own existence he/she doesn't even notice the uninterested face of the so-called friend. People use that word so freely, these days.


What I love is how everybody gets tattoos. Not that I've got issues with tattoos, I just think it's immature. I've told people who have tattoos themselves about it. All they say is "A picture speaks a thousand words". Perfect response: "Actions speak louder than words". I hate the tribals people get on their lower backs, stuff like. Even tributes to people who were important for them, I dislike. If you truly carried them with you forever, than you shouldn't have to put a tattoo on your body, just to be sure. If you want the deceased to know, have enough faith to face that they'll know regardless. The most respectful tattoo, from my point of view, is one some likes for him or herself. A beautiful flower, a butterfly. Something like that. It may have further meaning attached, sure, but don't mix up priorities. That just makes you a show-off, with things that shouldn't be shown off.


What I love is how more and more people have "RIP"s in their profiles. It's so meaningless, yet so many people have pictures up here that date back to 1994, of when a friend from their childhood died. Most Elftowners were about 4-8 years old when that happened. Do you honestly think we care? When it's someone really close, right, okay. Then I'd understand. Losing one of your parents is something that you may want to share, because it's something that follows you for the rest of your life. Friends don't, they come and go. And if you must REALLY tribute to them, don't do it in a lame RIP-thing on ElfTown. But what I really, REALLY don't understand is why people have RIP's of their dogs or cats that died centuries ago. Some pictures date back so far, that if the cat/dog had been reborn at death, it would have died a second time already. Please, people. Parent = Important, dog = not so important. We, and with we I mean I, really don't care about your dog. Just like with the tattoos, if you think that the person or animal you're sending out a RIP to would check your ElfTown page for one... Well, I surely hope that these deceased people/animals have better things to do in the afterlife.


What I love is how girls try to hide their weight behind alternate options. Being 'big breasted' means you have big breasts by nature, ladies. Not just in general. It doesn't count when they're just larger than average because, well, you are too. If you're too low on self-esteem to just put plump or fat on your page, don't put anything there. Putting up 'big breasted' will only get you on the daily list our local perverts run down anyway. (A short one this time.)

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2009-02-02 [Hello Sunshine]: You don't give a damn about what I'm saying? D: That makes me sad. Albeit a cynical view, I do have to agree with you. It amazes me how so many people are so self-absorbed these days. :/

2009-02-02 [Sinchao]: It's not that I don't care about you, I don't care about what those who I don't care about say. You're not one of them. <3

2009-02-02 [Hello Sunshine]: Yay! :] <3

2009-02-08 [FutureGrave]: Am I one of them?? I agree, but I also do have tattoos. My tattoos are for me and me alone. They are all pictures. No other meaning to them. I liked them, so I got them. That is it. ^-^

2009-02-08 [Sinchao]: I can't say much about it without seeing them or knowing you, but think of it like this: if it was really important for you, you'd need no picture to remind yourself. Therefore, if it's not important and you JUST think it's beautiful... Well, no problem for me. I just thouroughly dislike people who make a mess of their bodies with meaningless meanings.

2009-02-10 [FutureGrave]: Like I said there was no meaning. I liked the pics and that was it. ^-^ But yea, that is true though. I don't think people should cover their bodies with meanings and RIP stuff...they tend to regret it afterwards anyways. It is there forever, and they may not care for more than a day. Meanings are useless when used improperly. I just like beautiful stuff...well the tattoos I got were beautiful to me and that is all that matters. ^-^

2010-04-21 [Alexi Ice]: Hm. Interesting points, I suppose. How do you figure out who you care about once you weed out all the crap?

2010-04-24 [Sinchao]: I dunno, really. My mind is a bit messed up in that way, but if you REAAAALLY want to know, I might just updated this page? :P

2010-04-24 [Alexi Ice]: I do, REALLY want to know. Just because it's interesting. My mind's screwed up too. That's the best kind of person, I think.

2010-04-25 [Sinchao]: I'll look into it then :P Right now's a horrible timing for me tho xD

2010-04-26 [Alexi Ice]: Hm, sorry bout' that. I just like intuding into peoples lives without prior warning (brings me joy. HAHAHA)

2010-04-26 [Sinchao]: It's not really intruding when I post stuff on a public page xD

2010-04-26 [Alexi Ice]: True, true. LOL

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