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Tyradias Characters

Here is were I want you all to place you character bios for me to approve.
Make a serprate wiki page and then put the link here under being approved.

Character Format:
Rank (Ask me after character is complete.)


There happen to be several characters I need in the RP. Please message me if you would be willing to play them. You would make up their personalities and every thing else, I only need the positions filled.

1. 1 kings


Being Approved

Toru Kagami


Character Bios

Corus's Rebellion
Roan's Knights
Neutrality of Tyradias


Go To:

Username (or number or email):


2010-06-06 [Mrs Vicious.]: Danke. *bows*

2010-06-16 [Eyden13]: i'm alive, and I've not forgotten about you guys.

2010-06-16 [Gypsy Mystik]: Yay!

2010-06-16 [Gypsy Mystik]: Queeen Sealie of Pheonix??? But in the characters I thought Krystal was the queen of Pheonix?? ((under Roan's knights/friends))

2010-06-16 [Mrs Vicious.]: well Eyden said I was to choose beween pheonix or Griffin for the queen, so I chose Pheonix. I just need some help on what it meens by character format and race type things. for both t he king and queen.

2010-06-16 [Gypsy Mystik]: okay.... well, I was told that Pheonix was ruled by humans.... I play the Princess of Pheonix who is plagued by the mysterious illness...

2010-06-16 [Gypsy Mystik]: Lady Lyenisa would be your daughter

2010-06-16 [Mrs Vicious.]: ahh.. fair enough. What of Griffin? what is the mysterious illness? well the symptoms there of.

2010-06-16 [Gypsy Mystik]: I don't know about Griffin.... and the mysterious illness has killed many... the illness is making the princess weak...

2010-06-16 [Mrs Vicious.]: oohh okies. what do you think of the two so far? I have yet to do the histories because im none too sure how as of yet.

2010-07-02 [Rice]: OK so where are we? XP

2010-07-02 [Eyden13]: I know were My characters are, but not sure were yours are. Do you remember the last place you updated in?

2010-07-02 [Rice]: FLick had left a fight, so he can randomly appear however you like.

2010-07-02 [Rice]: Also Vandal Cleaver. New character.

2010-07-02 [Eyden13]: Well Flick can pop up any where he wants and just the new character in being approved. I'm glad you still want to be in the rp ^-^. Oh and were'sNathan?

2010-07-02 [Rice]: Ok. I'll make Flick appear soon.
Nathan wont be in for a while, i'm going to stick to just Flick and hopefully Vandal for a while.

2010-07-02 [Eyden13]: Okay ^-^

2010-07-02 [Rice]: Sorry for such a delay, to be honest I completely forgot about this rp XD

2010-07-03 [Eyden13]: It's fine, at least you got it now ^-^

2010-07-03 [Rice]: Yep.

2010-07-16 [Rice]: I figured it was about time I had a good character. X)

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