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(Translators Badge by [May-lea])

The Elftown translators work at translating Elftown's help pages and the Mainstreet News into other languages,
such as Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, German, etc., so that members who speak these languages can get
help and stay informed of the latest Elftown news in their own language.

Go to Translations for a more extensive explanation on becoming a Translator and for information on translating
the news.

Translator Wannabe's: If interested, add your name to this wiki-page.



The Translators are organised by one of Elftown's working bees:

Supreme Illustrious [Yncke]

...To make sure Translations runs smoothly and the amount of translations by each translator
is kept in check as to see who's to be allowed into the order of the Translators.



    The Translators:    

Help Pages:                                            
Illustrious [Aidan Ryuko] - Dutch
Illustrious [Alena] - German
Illustrious [Anonymous] - Spanish
Illustrious [Baen] - Norwegian
Illustrious [calamaethor] - Danish
Illustrious [Chalora] - Dutch
Illustrious [Chess] - French
Illustrious [Cristina] – French, Spanish
Illustrious [Elegy - gone] - Norwegian
Illustrious [Faery] - French
Illustrious [Filfaere T'sarran] - Italian
Illutsrious [IChester] - Hebrew
Illustrious [Janouk] - Dutch
Illustrious [MamiSah] - Spanish
Illustrious [Ocean Dreaming] - Dutch
Illustrious [Ocean Soul] - German
Illustrious [peura] - Finnish
Illustrious [Saartje] - Dutch
Illustrious [Seyra] - French
Illustrious [Suffering] - Portuguese
Illustrious [Sunrose] - Dutch
Illustrious [ugursarac] - Turkish
Illustrious [Tymora] - Italian
Illustrious [Veltzeh] - Finnish
Illustrious [All_Most PUNK] - Spanish
Illustrious [Li-Ga] - Hebrew/Russian
Illustrious [Celorfiwyn] - Finnish
Illustrious [Bye bye elftown] - Portuguese/Italian
Illustrious [Elegy - gone] - Norwegian
Illustrious [Elmiira] - Finnish
Illustrious [Elthia] - Norwegian
Illustrious [Erthalos] - French
Illustrious [Faery] - French
Illustrious [Grilo] - Portuguese
Illustrious [Ittai] - Hebrew
Illustrious [Jitter] - Greek
Illustrious [Nocternity S.] - Spanish
Illustrious [Miroslav] - German/Russian
Illustrious [Ocean Soul] - German
Illustrious [-Orion-] - Finnish
Illustrious [Patri] - Spanish
Illustrious [Paz] - Spanish
Illustrious [raza] - French
Illustrious [Teufelsweib] - Dutch
Illustrious [Sue Falkenkralle] - German
Illustrious [Sturmi] - Spanish/German
Illustrious [Sunrose] - Dutch
Supreme Illustrious [Yncke] - Dutch


Translator wannabe's should go to this forum to ask questions, make comments and
suggestions, or ask for help: <joinforum:1284:translators> (Translator wannabe's)


All credit goes to [alfiler de gancho] who came up with the idea to make translations of the news!


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