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2009-02-08 20:40:30
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Trailriding feb 08 -09

Yup, another ride :P It was 4 hours long and I rode with My :) She's the one in the reflective jacket, riding our draft Dacke, I'm the one in the grey skirt riding my gaited standardbred Crow.
As before.. the images are huge and in bad quality due to the cheap camera (not gonna bring my Nikon D40 on horseback..) so view the thumbnails :)

It was snowig last night and the paths were covered in wet snow that stuck to the horses feet. But it looked beautiful :)
My! :P She handels Dacke pretty well. :)
My again.. well.. I held the camera most of the time, so.. x)
The path between Crows ears :P
And My on Dacke again.. and a bit of my skirt xD
There wasn't enough snow to cover the ground completely. And I love narrow paths :)
Did I say that that's My on Dacke? Hm.. yeah... :P
And Crows ears and Dackes butt..
Ok. I just forgot to remove this one :P same as the other.
Me on Crow.. can't see/remember right now if I'm trying to rack r if I'm cantering... I don't know why but every time we're on camera his rack gets way to pacey.. probably my fault..:P
Me further away :P
Canter.. his front legs are weird xD Well, he's still greenbroke so I can't demand perfection :P
My, Dacke and My's new saddlebags :P We (read ''dad'') gave them to her for letting us keep her pony as company to Dacke when Crow was away :)
My making sure Dacke is still there, I think.. x) We forgot his halter so he just got the rope around his neck when we had our picnic. :P
Crow in his halter, as we paused :)
Me and Crow, preparing a rearing from ground.
A random picture of My..
Up, up and awaaay!
Yes, I did ask for that. It's not as pretty as I'd like. But he has known how to do it for more than a year, and he has never once tried to rear on me in any situation, when he's not asked :) So no lektures please.
Rack-trotting up a hill.. I need to work on his gaits. But most of the times it's decent, and a few times it's really good. So :)
Trotting :P He has some mistake with his tact here..
..but here it's pretty good I think. And no.. I don't even try to ask for collection there :P We're just having fun here..
I love the nature :)
A hill, made from waste-rock after mining, if I'm right.
(I know.. horrible gait, I don't even know what he's doing.. xD)
Cantering/galloping up the hill :)
And My again :P She's trying to fix the saddlebag, she forgot to close it..
I said I love the nature?
Me and Crow again! Only time I like being photographed is when I ride :P
My and Dacke below a cliff/wall thingy.
..and another pic :P
And she's coming towards us..:P
Getting closer..
Me below the same wall.. it fels bigger when you're there. And it has a tiny waterfall!
Me again :P
I love my horse.. the ground where fist-sized and bigger rocks where no horse would go volunteerily, but he doesn't hesitate :3
The tiny waterfall :)
..I said I loved small paths? :)
more of it..
I can't wait to ride here in summer :)
..then the trees will be all green :)
We were following some footprints..:P
But decided to turn back.
My and Dacke behind us. :P
I like this one..:P
Uhm.. yeah..
heeh.. on top f that little hill.
Dacke is slowly trotting..xD
He omes closer! :O
And closer!
and now we've been riding for a while and is about halfway back home :)
The end/start of the path where I took the first pic. The snow is already melting.
Looking back..
Making sure My and Dacke is still there :P
What? I love his head :P
Now they're in front of us!
Home sweet home.. well it's further away, a bit to the right anf much closer to the ridge.
A caris coming! (we bought our dog from the people in that house, btw) Home is in that direction, just going through the woods a bit :P
A few metres further..
When we got home my poor horse lied down and died..
Nah, f course he's just rolling in the snow :P
Getting up..
And down to roll on the other side.. hehe
Really rubbing it.. xD
Well..ok.. enough..
And walking away..
To graze from the dry grass under the snow.

That's it :) 4 hours of pre enjoyment! If I had to chose beteen being able to saddle up a good horse that I like and whenever I want ride away for hours, and a million dollars.. I'd chose the horse. ;) / [Zab]

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