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Through the Sky

[Flisky]'s original story.

This is my original story. Anyone attempting to steal it will indeed be disembowled and fed to various creatures.

TTS: Chapter One
TTS: Chapter Two
TTS: Chapter Three
TTS: Chapter Four
TTS: Chapter Five
TTS: Chapter Six
TTS: Chapter Seven
TTS: Chapter Eight
TTS: Chapter Nine

Still a work in progress.

Through the Stars

TTS: Prologue <- Read this first if you want to understand a little better the next two parts.

This part takes place over 200 years in the future. New races, characters, and fun stuff.

TTS: Chapter 1
TTS: Chapter 2

Another WIP.

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2009-04-09 [jaraden]: *shurgs*

call me whatever you want, just don't call me late fer dinner!!!

har har!

2009-04-09 [Flisky]: I promise. *throws up boy scout sign of honor*

2009-04-09 [jaraden]: good good!!! har har.... i didn't know they allowed sweet little ladies like you into boy scouts.. and if they did i'm sorry i left after cubs...... is an idiot!!!!

har har

2009-04-09 [Flisky]: I got all the way up until I was ready to take Eagle Scout and they told me I couldn't because I don't have *ahem* male parts. I called them all sucktards and left.

2009-04-09 [jaraden]: excellent.. haven't heard 'SUCKTARDS' in ages!! good fer you.. i was gonna go into the scouts.. but my parents decided to move.. again so i missed out... ohh well, i turned out alright in the end i think....

2009-04-09 [Flisky]: Yeah, you did. And I love that word!

2009-04-09 [jaraden]: hoser is my personal favorite.. but then again, i'm such a

2009-04-10 [Flisky]: What's hoser? *is honestly curious*

2009-04-10 [Flisky]: I apologize to everyone. There will be no new chapters for at least a couple of days. I can't say when I'll continue writing, but for the time being, trust me when I say I am incapable of writing anything good at this point in time. (Intense pain and cramps have a way of doing that...)

2009-04-10 [Evolution X]: You take care of yourself hun...

2009-04-11 [Flisky]: Trying. :P

2009-04-14 [jaraden]: a hoser is something we canadians usually say to cuss someone out.. a hoser is technically a cross between a loser and a whore!!! so ther you have it.. *laughs!*

2009-04-14 [Flisky]: Oh dear...Heehee.

2009-04-15 [jaraden]: yeah but it's not actually a terrible curse word.. more of a joke really... if you call someone a hoser you're usually not really pissed at them.. i guess.. haven't used it in years... my canadian heritage is slowly slipping away... becoming..... britonised.......


2009-05-17 [Flisky]: Sorries, guys. I kind of stopped the updating thing. But I promise that chapter ten is on the way. ^_^

2009-05-17 [Evolution X]: Woots ^_^

2009-05-18 [jaraden]: sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-05-19 [Flisky]: Yeah. I fell off the planet. :P

2009-05-19 [jaraden]: and you think YOU fell off the planet.. i was never on it!! har har!

2009-05-19 [Flisky]: Yeah...that is a problem.

2009-05-20 [jaraden]: ain't it jsut!!!

head perpetually in the freaking clouds!! har har!

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