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This is My Wiki, Get Your Own =P

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Here are some pictures of my husband, [Evilmonk], and myself =)




Pictures my friends have drawn for me =)
<img100*0:>Enormous thanks and x's and o's to [Evilmonk] whose mighty pen created this for lil old me.
<img100*0:>Another one by [Evilmonk] - thanks sweetness! Of myself and [prisoner#81378] - angels? Shyeah right ;)
<img100*0:> <img100*0:stuff/MeByErin.jpg> Drawn by the loverly [Rennie]!
<img100*0:> All prettified and flowery by [Lothuriel] - she is so fantastic =)
<img100*0:>a pic of me and my bad kitties by my buddy [Steve*O]!
<img100*0:>Me as one of da Gutterclowns - drawn by my good pal [prisoner#81378] =)
<img100*0:>My character, Eleni Lamansaila as drawn by [Amtharnis] for his RPG Narimerlin

Wacky Wikis Links

Poetry by Me
Perplexity's Pixtures =9 - Drawings by Me
Django and Raoudi - Pix of my puddytats...My bad bad boys
The Jedi Council <img50*0:>
LOTR humor - the funniest thing since Golemn asked "What's taters, precious?"
Westfactor Groupie Page<img75*0:>
therogue's groupies<img50*0:>
Children of the Revolution - [Mom]s page
Elvenwood Silver Years Club - 21 and over club
Cicada Poppers Bug Eating Goodness
Tattoos 2 - pix of my tats posted here

The White Rabbit Society

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2005-09-15 [Malnu]: yepp....

2005-09-15 [prisoner#81378]: good luck, Mal.....=)

2005-09-17 [Malnu]: thanks hun

2005-09-17 [Perplexity]: Luck!? He's got two rabbit's feet! ;)

2005-09-20 [Malnu]: yeppers....certainly do. **wink**

2005-09-20 [Lothuriel]: My cousin, Shawn Roop has been there for over a year now...if you bumb into him tell him howdy for me and my mom, Nancy...I know, it's a long shot but you just never know.

2005-09-21 [Malnu]: Shawn Roop should be a rather easy name to remember, and easy to spot. What rank is he?

2005-09-22 [Lothuriel]: To be honest I am not sure of his rank. He is a marine. I can ask his Mom of his rank.

2006-06-21 [Lothuriel]: You are sooo pretty!!!!!

2006-06-21 [Perplexity]: Aw, c'mon - cut it out lol *embarassed*

2006-06-21 [Evilmonk]: Thanks!!! *blush*

2006-06-21 [Evilmonk]: JK. She really is!!!

2006-06-21 [Perplexity]: It's no secret Matt thinks he's prettier than I am *smirk*

2006-06-22 [Evilmonk]: teehee!!

2006-06-23 [Lothuriel]: LOL...

2008-01-14 [smakeupfx]: so now that you have a new pad, are you going to putting up new art for us to see?  pretty please? :D

2008-01-14 [Perplexity]: That is a thought... I haven't drawn anything in months and months. It's kind of sad and disturbing =/ I hope it's not lost, but I'm almost afraid to try at this point. I am, as you can see, easily discouraged.

2008-01-15 [Evilmonk]: Ditto. NONE in the motivation department.

2008-11-28 [Evilmonk]: So are we gonna draw something or what? ;)

2008-12-08 [Perplexity]: I suggested the Ghost in the Shell collab, what did you think of that?

2008-12-09 [Evilmonk]: I've been waiting fer you lover. =9

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