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This Sterile Place

Slight pain as the I.V. slides into my vein
Nothing new,
Same cold feeling as the I.V. drip solution starts flowing
Waiting is the hard part
Doctors come in saying that I’m up next
Wheeled down the hall into a bright white room
Lights on me
The solution is shown to me,
Milky white,
Doesn’t look like much
The warning comes;
It might burn a little
But nothing to bad
It burns a lot,
It feels like fire,
I wake an hour later,
Leg numb,
Painted yellow from the iodine
Wheeled to yet another room
More waiting,
But interrupted by nurses asking how I feel
‘Nauseated like the last time’ is all I say
Waiting for the hour to pass
So I can leave this sterile place

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