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2018-10-16 17:47:12
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This is
The Tale of Tod
in chronological order

01) The Runt

02) The Runt: Tod's New Life

03) The Runt: Dangerous Encounters

04) The Runt: Double Trouble

05) The Runt: Food For Thought

06) The Runt: Children and Their Games

07) The Runt: A Virtual World

08) The Runt: Personal Hygiene

09) The Runt: Breakfast of Champions

10) The Runt: Under the Weather

11) The Runt: Friendly Faces

12) The Runt: Discovery

13) The Runt: An Unexpected Guest


[The Last Dragoon]

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2010-03-03 [Nekko fox]: Make them angry!


2010-03-03 [The Last Dragoon]: (on the screen)
Does Not Compute Does Not Compute
Does Not Compute Does Not Compute
Does Not Compute Does Not Compute
Does Not Compute Does Not Compute
Does Not Compute Does Not Compute

2010-03-03 [Nekko fox]: <img:stuff/aj/45072/1267660414.png>

2010-03-03 [The Last Dragoon]: "User Friendly" my @$$!

2010-03-03 [Nekko fox]: ME ANGRY!


2010-03-03 [The Last Dragoon]: and in need of a tic tak *whew!*

2010-03-04 [wicked fae mage]: Maybe...except Darth Vader isn't a witch

2010-03-04 [Nekko fox]: THAT'S NO MOON! >_>

2010-03-04 [The Last Dragoon]: ^>^;

2010-08-10 [yamisango]: where is chapter 12?

2010-08-10 [Nekko fox]: On its way

2010-08-11 [yamisango]: ok ^^ let me know please

2013-07-08 [yamisango]: i cant wait for more!

2013-07-10 [The Last Dragoon]: same here ^>^

2013-07-17 [yamisango]: its driving me crazy

2013-07-18 [The Last Dragoon]: I hate "To Be Continued" stories

2013-07-19 [yamisango]: me too  writers block sucks

2014-05-22 [yamisango]: Wheres chapter 13?

2014-07-22 [Nekko fox]: It's up now. The Runt: An Unexpected Guest

2018-10-16 [The Last Dragoon]: Yay! ^>^

2019-07-19 [yamisango]: Were you going to write more?

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