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2007-08-17 18:48:36
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The perfect little façade

Her face is like glass
Emotionally void
Looking perfectly fine to the outside

Inside her emotions rage
Swirling about in a mass of confusion
She knows what is in that mess

If she smiles
Fear of her face cracking
Her perfect little façade

There is only one person
Who no matter what
See’s through the glass

Showing her that it is okay to feel
It is okay to laugh
It is okay to expose her internal swirl of emotion

If she cry’s
Fear of exposing her weakness
An opening for someone to use

That one person holds her tight
Tells her it’s okay to cry
That no-one will hurt her

If she relaxes and lets someone in
She fears the past will repeat itself
Crushing her last defense along with it

Hugging her tightly
That one person whispers
Words of strength, soothing and calm

Telling her that life is as it is
Not to fear the past hurts
Learn from them to make you strong

That perfect little façade
That worked for so long
Hiding her true self from the rest of the world

Never once clouded
Her one person’s vision
To all the pain and fear inside

To show her that it is okay
To let her perfect little façade
Crumble away

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