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July 11th, 1990 - Febuary 23rd, 2009


This page is for Jessica Hetz aka [Eloura]. She was a Great friend, sister, and daughter (I'm sure of it!). Fun to be around with, she could always make you smile, and she was always caring and kind. She was a one of a kind, and still is. Monday Night (Febuary 23rd, 2009) she had a blood clot that the doctors removed too late and she passed away, she will be greatly missed and she will remain in our hearts forever and always!




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2010-04-09 [Ravendust]: It really sucks, she had her whole life ahead of her...

2010-04-09 [Iruvielle]: *nods*
But such is being a human.
We aren't immortal.
In reality, all of us are slowly dying.
But, look at it this way... she's in heaven... smiling her big beautiful smile down at us. :)
Smile... for her. Even though it's tough... smile as if she just asked you too! :)

2010-04-09 [Ravendust]: yeah...

2010-04-09 [American Revolutionary]: *looks up, with a slight smile* your right...i still remember the last thing she told me.."ive always loved you"

2010-04-09 [Iruvielle]: :)
And that alone is something enough to make you smile.
At least it should be! :)

2010-04-09 [American Revolutionary]: it does, and it always will, at least i know that she loved me

2010-04-09 [Iruvielle]: :)

2010-04-23 [~Crimson Angel~]: *hugs you all*

2010-04-24 [American Revolutionary]: *curls up*

2010-04-24 [~Crimson Angel~]: *hugs you*

2010-04-24 [American Revolutionary]: *trembles*

2010-05-10 [Desi the Red Rose]: Hey guys. I hope everyone is doing good. Sorry i haven't been around....Things are tough but i am getting through it. I am proud to say that i havent had anything to drink for the last six months. I am dating someone who is treating me good. And i am always working and getting my grades back where they belong. Life is going on. And i am proud to say that Jess would be proud of me. I fall off the path, and i know have made mistakes but i am getting my life back on track. I will talk to you guys later. If you ever need me, Message me at you will have a better chance of getting ahold of me then on here. lmao. Love you all.

2010-05-10 [Iruvielle]: That's EXTREMELY great news! :D
I'm SO happy to hear that Desi! :D

2010-05-11 [Desi the Red Rose]: Thanks Kat. Like i said, I am doing soo much better. My GPA is up to 2.250. During the Fall it was .06. Sooo i am doing soo much better. I would like to say it was all me. But it wasn't. If it wasn't for my boyfriend, family and friends. I am not sure what would have happened to me. Between the pills and drinking, not eating, not sleeping. not doing anything in my life. I am just happy to be alive and well.

2010-05-11 [Iruvielle]: Good!
That makes me SO happy to hear. :)
I'm glad you turned your life around... I'm glad you have reason for living again! :D

2010-05-16 [~Crimson Angel~]: Me too.

2010-07-11 [Desi the Red Rose]: Another year has passed and I am sitting at the winery. time goes on but i will never stop missing you. i remember you fondly, dearly. You are my sister in all ways but blood. Life must go and as i will never forget you. I must stop crying. It hurts to know that you never got to see this birthday and the future ones. But I can't keep doing this to myself. I cant stop my life, You would never wanted that to happened. I love you my sister, My dearest friend. You are well missed and loved. Wait for me, Darling. I know i can't wait to your smile, hear your laughter and feel your hugs. I need to stop living in the past, and embrace the future. So darling, as much as i miss you. You are going to be waiting for along time, I am not ready to quit give up my life. I have too much to live for. You won't want me to live like this. I miss you dearly but i can't live in the past any longer. You are NEVER forgotten and you will always be loved.

Happy Birthday, My Dear beloved Sister.

2010-07-11 [Iruvielle]: Happy Birthday Jessica! *sniffle*

2010-07-11 [American Revolutionary]: well, thought id stop in and say happy birthday, and that i miss her...but slowly im gining the stregnth to walk on my own two feet wthout breakin down im glad to hve known her, to have shared love with her she brought a smile to my he darkest times love you,jess your forever in my heart love, and i cant wait till we see eachother again

2010-07-13 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yes, she could always make people smile.

2012-07-10 [American Revolutionary]: well another year gone by, and i wish she was here...this time im the one not faring out so well, every time i eat i cant keep it down, all i wanna do i sleep...its been a while and i havent been the greatest...

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