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im starting a new RP takes place in a mix between the 1800s and modern day, please feel free to join, justmessage me and well get you a chracter thanks, have fun [American Revolutionary]


[American Revolutionary] as T.Roberts: former military, now antiques dealer and collecter, ends up digging up the grave of an old mortician and it brings the 1800s back to life,his gf is away in florida when he does this

[~Crimson Angel~] as Elizabeth Turner: She's T. Roberts' girlfriend, she works in a bakery when she doesn't have a photography job. She moved to Florida to help take care of her grandmother, and is currently saving money so she can go back to live with her bf.


-In a small town in Pennsylvania-

Roberts: no...havent seen anything yet -has been searching the back woods for old medicine bottles, or anything that could sell- now wait a minute i said..ow! -his foot hits a large stone tablet, worn out and unable to be read, he decides to dig there, little does he know what hes about to do-

Suddenly Roberts' cell phone rang.

Roberts: old grave of some sort -answers- hello? hey..sweetheart, whats going on? hows everything?

Elizabeth: Everything's going great, my grandmother is doing much better, and I finally got enough money to visit. I got in this morning, I'm waiting for you at your house!

roberts: oh? cool! if you look just down the hill to the left you'll... -the signal cuts in and out- co.....swee....

Elizabeth: Hun?? Can you hear me?? -she lets out a sigh as she hangs up her phone- Stupid bad reception! -looks down the hill- Maybe he was trying to tell me he's down there?

Roberts: -the corpse breathes out, and in a raspy voice says "time will be undone, and the past will be anew"- what the? -suddenly theres a cracking sound as a unit of union soldiers patrols the woods- u...union? -elizabeth sees an old horse and buggy go by-

Elizabeth: What the...? Wh-Where'd that came from?! -stares at the horse and buggy with wide eyes- Am I going crazy? -shakes head-

Roberts: -grabs the nameplate from the old corpse and runs- gotta get outta here -he runs to his house- j...jesus...

Elizabeth: -hugs Roberts- I just saw the strangest thing ever!

Roberts: tell me about it, something freaky is going on

Elizabeth: I just saw an old time horse and buggy go by, what did you see?

Roberts: u..union soldiers i found this in an old grave.. -hands her the plate-

Elizabeth: -looks at the name plate trying to make out a name- It looks like it says John Edwards, I can't read the date though.

Roberts: john edwards...-looks it up on his phones internet- mortician,1787 to 1867 odd...

Elizabeth: -looks shocked- 1787 to 1867?! How is that possible?!

Roberts: its not..

Elizabeth: -looks worried- So is there a 1700s/1800s reenactment convention in town or have they come back to haunt the present?

Roberts: I am hoping for option one, but that's unlikely...looks to me like we've got one hell of a mess on our hands.

Elizabeth: I wonder how this happened, and why it happened. -looks curious-

Roberts: I haven't a clue... Maybe its what the corpse said... -he repeats what the body had told him-

Elizabeth: -looks shocked- H-How did a corpse talk to you?!

Roberts: I have no idea... but it's strange that... watch out! -he pushes her head down as a bullet zips past, barely missing her head- geesh....

Elizabeth: -squeals in shock- What the hell...? Why is someone shooting at us?

Roberts: No clue... Stay down... -he ducks into his house,grabbing his ar15 assault rifle- I thought I'd locked this away for good.

Elizabeth: -stays down- I'm glad you didn't, otherwise we wouldn't be able to protect ourselves.

Roberts: -aims at one of the union soldirs and fires- haaa haa!!!

Elizabeth: -squeals and ducks down lower- Did you get him?

Roberts: I think I... Son of a... -he staggers back, and still fires at them,a bullet hole in his jacket- That hurt!! -he runs outta ammo- crap...crap

Elizabeth: -gasps as she sees Roberts bleeding- If only I had a gun, all I have is a dagger with me.

Roberts: into the house...-kicks open the door and staggers inside- damn...-drops the gun-

Elizabeth: -helps Roberts into the house and picks up the gun-

Roberts: cmon man, get a grip on yourself...this is just like iraq...just like it.

Elizabeth: -looks at Roberts- Why are they attacking us, what's going on? Do you want me to shoot them?

Roberts: I have no clue... I'll get it.. *takes the gun and loads it, and says a prayer* let my aim be true *steps outside and shoots*

Elizabeth: -gets a gun from the gun rack and loads it to help-

Roberts: -gets hit twice more an drops over- crap......

Elizabeth: -goes over to the window and fires her gun out it-

Roberts: -winces and keeps shooting until passes out and several guys drop from Elizabeth's aim-

Elizabeth: -keeps firing until the unknown soldiers retreat then takes Roberts upstairs to treat his wounds-

Roberts: unhhhh....

Elizabeth: I don't want to risk us getting shot at again, so I'm going to check your wounds.

Roberts: -nods- g...go ahead...

Elizabeth: -removes Roberts' shirt to get a better look at the wounds- I see two wounds in your right arm.

Roberts: hope you have medical experience.....

Elizabeth: Well, I've read medical text books that my grandma had, and I know how to sew. It looks like the bullets went right through.

Roberts: Good thing....i was worried...patch me up..ill still be able to fight

Elizabeth: -nods as she gets some thread, a needle cloth and some alcohol to clean the wound-

Roberts: -relaxes and sings the marine corps anthem-

Elizabeth: -returns and cleans Roberts' wounds before sewing them up-

Roberts: thank you sweetheart *leans over and kisses her*

Elizabeth: -smiles and kisses Roberts back- No problem.

Roberts: i know nows not exactly the right time..but..elizabeth, will you marry me?

Elizabeth: -smiles and nods- YES!

Roberts: -smiles- yay

Elizabeth: -giggles and kisses Roberts-

Roberts: -kisses back-

Elizabeth: Hey, the gunfire stopped.

Roberts: thank god..

Elizabeth: -cautiously looks out of the window- I don't see anyone, should we go look?

Roberts: lets..

Elizabeth: -helps Roberts up-

Roberts: -leans on elizabeth- thanks...

Elizabeth: -smiles and helps Roberts downstairs- No problem

Roberts: -smiles and gets outside and theres no traces of anything- huh?

Elizabeth: -looks confused- Where'd they go?

Roberts: i dont...

Elizabeth: -looks at Roberts- Something wrong?

Roberts: -shakes his head-

Elizabeth: -looks worried- Are you sure?

Roberts: -nods- yeah im fine

Elizabeth: Ok, want to go back inside.

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2011-04-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: I'll join.

2011-04-02 [American Revolutionary]: ok, make up a name and ill post the information

2011-04-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: Ok...

2011-04-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: What should my history be...?

2011-04-04 [American Revolutionary]: anything you want

2011-04-04 [~Crimson Angel~]: How's that?

2011-04-05 [American Revolutionary]: i like it ^^

2011-04-05 [~Crimson Angel~]: Awesome!

2011-04-05 [~Crimson Angel~]: So what do you want me to jump in with?

2011-04-06 [American Revolutionary]: whatever you wish, a phone call, anything

2011-04-07 [~Crimson Angel~]: Ok.

2011-04-15 [American Revolutionary]: your doing good, im impressed

2011-04-16 [~Crimson Angel~]: Thanks hun. :D

2011-04-16 [American Revolutionary]: =)

2011-12-08 [American Revolutionary]: hey just wanted to say i love you

2012-02-17 [~Crimson Angel~]: Love you!

2012-02-17 [American Revolutionary]: love you too honey !!!!

2012-02-18 [~Crimson Angel~]: Love you more.

2012-02-18 [American Revolutionary]: nooo i do

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