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All the poems are © Chrysilla


Songs for Dark Eyes (part 3)


If you wanted, at least for once, to kiss me,
If you could, at least for once, to hold me,
If you told me, at least once, you love me,
Then maybe I`d see the rainbow
Like a smile after the rain,
Maybe I`d see the sun
As a happy face,
Maybe my dreams would be more beautiful.
But, untill the, the rainbow is sad
Like a forced smile of a clown,
The sun is just an unbareble shining,
My dreams are grey and sad.
Tell me you love me.


Arabian Slave

I love you, and this is why
I want to be your slave.
I was your princess and your lover,
Now I lay at your feet
Offering you myself, my life, my soul, everything.
I want you to be my will,
Everything you want will be my command.
You to be my master, like in “Arabian nights”,
And I`ll love you with no conditions;
To make myself your pleasure,
To wipe your legs with my hair,
To make my body a pillow for you,
Always warm, always loving,
To wait patiently for your return, always smiling, always tender,
To make your house the place you`ll always want to come back
To be everything you want me to be.
And if you`ll give me a kind look
From time to time, and if you will kiss me
I will thank you
And always love, always more.
Do you want me?


Autumn Tears

Wandering shadow on the sleeping streets,
i call you with my thoughts, the violin sighs
under the voice of the autumn wind,
but you don`t hear...
And the town is quiet, the night is crying...
Wet leaves float in the deserted air
and die under my trembling steps,
or stuck into my hair or on my frozen hands,
but you`re not here...
And the street is quiet, the leaves are crying.
The empty night surrounds me
with smell of raining silence,
of clouds and mud,
singing slowly, with melancholy, with heavy rain drops on the diing leaves,
but you don`t feel...
And the rain is quiet, the violin is crying.
Dripping from the wind, the leaves, the eyes and the chords,
the night closes, moist, around me,
but you don`t come...
And the world is quiet, everything`s crying.



If I was the mistress of the earth
and every piece of dust was a moment of happiness,
I would make the world your kingdom.
If I was the queen of the world
and every drop of water was a moment with you,
I would turn the waves into a bridge under your feet.
If I ruled the stars
and each of them was a beautiful dream,
I would make all of them shine for you.
If forests were in my power
and every leaf would be a second of peace,
their shadow would be your shelter, and the wind would sing love songs for your soul.
If I could command to the flames,
a ring of fire would surround you all the time,
keeping the hungry wolves away from you.
But all I have is myself,
and I offer you my body and my soul,
my dreams and my hopes
in change for your love,
and I hope it will be enough.


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