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Songs for dark eyes

The Hunter

My soul laying on the grass
I feel you coming, though your steps sneak
unheard like a feline`s
I hear you breathing slowly, hiding in the sound of wind,
I see you trying to be unseen.
Don`t hide anymore, tiger, I know you`re thirsty of hounting
of feeling your prey still breathing before killing it.
Come, I will be calm and quiet, waiting for you,
I won`t oppose,
I will let you cruelly play with me,
take my life away with your weight
shred my silky skin
see my beating heart, that sings in its beatings your name.
Looking at you for the last time
I will watch the elegant movement of your muscles
under the skin that keeps, warm, the kiss of the sun
I will look in your black, deep eyes that show no mercy,
feeling your satisfaction for being the hunter that never fails.
I will die watching you and smiling,
happy that my predator was you.



What is the sky
but a reason for sun?
What are the flowers
but a reasons for butterflies?
What am I
but a reason for you?



Tell me how to love you
when, watching the sky,
you plan a new constelation, ours,
when you stubbornly close the night in your eyes,
dark dungeons for the stars that won`t obey you
when you squeeze your lips, like a wall for your words
that betray you running to me,
when you don`t look at me, don`t listen to me, don`t feel me
holding you and calling you
back on earth, on our earth.
Tell me how to love you
when on your eyes` brown water the sun raises
when your lips call me closer,
when your arms design the circle that keeps only us inside of it
like two persons, castaway on an island.
Tell me how to love you
when on your sky raises another star
when in your eyes reflects someone else but me
when in our closed circle sneaks a third person
when your heart beats other sounds that the ones I know.
Tell me how to love you
when your soul closes its gates in front of me
leaving me outside, alone in the stormy night
far away from the safe shelter of your arms,
when your body doesn`t recognize me anymore,
when your castle has changed its mistress
and the former leaves it, casted away like a slave...


Forgetting you

How to forget you, tell me how to forget you
when all my ways take me to you
and I don`t know any others?
Cause you closed any other that lent elsewhere but to you
and now that`s the only way I know.
How to forget you, tell me how to forget you
when you became part of me
when you entered my thoughts
and smuggled into my blood?
How to forget you, tell me how to forget you
when I see you everywhere
both in the sunrise and sunset
day and night
when I look into the mirror or when I watch the others
when the wind remainds me of your hair
when the sea has the same colour as your eyes
when the summer rain is just like your touch?
How to forget you, tell me how to forget you
other way than letting my blood leave my body
taking away my life... and you.



You asked me once why I love you.
What a question...
I love you for being you.
I love your silky hair that I caress with my fingers,
I love the perfume of sun and wild herbs of your skin,
that let me perceive underneath it your lissome muscles,
I love your eyes, so deep that there`s nothing deeper,
dark like night or like ocean`s abysses, dark like the sin
and like the darkness before Creation.
I love your eyebrows, straight lines that emphasize the mistery of your eyes frowning
or that brighten them up in a smile.
I love your fleshy lips, whose kiss so tender
or so fervent thrill my skin, whose smile brings me to life.
I love your arms that embrace me, keeping me in a fortress
that protects me from others and imprisons me for you.
I love your palms in whose lines I read your destiny
in the evening, both laughing in the candlelit,
your palms that hold mine like the nest holds some restless birds.
I love your long, nervous fingers,
whose idle talk betray your thoughts,
whose touch caress and soothe me.
I love your chest on which I put my head on,
trying to guess what name there is in the rhytm of your heart,
listening to your hidden life, to the calm breathe of your soul.
I love your body in which I seek for my support, like a thin, lithe ivy.
I love you all, the way you are,
I love your little sign on your left hand`s wrist that I also have,
the mole I kiss on your chest, the almost unseen sign of a bite.
I love the thoughts you share with me and the ones you hide from me,
the words you say or not, your smiles and sorrows,
your stormy angers that ask for my tears,
and the moments of joy when you make me believe you love me,
the dreams in which I don`t know if you see me or not,
the beautiful lies you tell me.

I love you because I love you.


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2007-02-16 [Chaotic Serenity]: Oh my God, these are amazing! I really really love them! Nice use of dividers, too!

2007-02-16 [Chrysilla]: Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed them :)

2008-07-29 [speakyourwords]: Wow, these are beautiful. You're very talented, I loved these.

2008-07-29 [Chrysilla]: Thank you! ^^

2009-02-04 [DREAM of BLUE]: my favorite is.. forgetting you...PERFECT...

2009-02-05 [Chrysilla]: Thank you very much :)

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