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<img10*0://>Chapter One: So where do I start?

<img10*0://>Chapter Two: I just can't pick one!

<img10*0://>Chapter Three: I want to stand out from the crowd!

<img10*0://>Chapter Four: What types of killers are there?

<img10*0://>Chapter Five: Know thy enemy!

<img10*0://>Chapter Six: Good hygiene up is a sure way to succeed!

<img10*0://>Chapter Seven: Keeping the Police at arms reach!

<img10*0://>Chapter Eight: I'm on the run, what do I do?

So where do I start?

A serial killer, by definition, is a person who murders over three people with a cooling off period between each kill. The cooling off period is usually over 3 days. You must also have certain aspects to your killings to earn the title, for instance a signature and also a victim type. If someone walks into a shop and murders everyone in it, they aren't be definition a serial killer I'm afraid, they are referred to as a 'spree-killer', which lets face it has much let sass than serial killer. Serial killers also fall into different categories and to be successful in the business of killing you need to locate your best traits and play to you advantages. Below are the categories to pick from.

The first two and most prominent categories are that of an organised killer and a disorganised. You are either one or the other unless you have D.I.D in which case feel free to have both. Both have there advantages and disadvantages so read through and choose thoughtfully, you'll find once you start killing you're inner self will break out so you don't want to aim too high or too low.

Organised: Organised killers, as the name suggests, are much more structured in their killing. They are patient, versatile and extremely self controlled, often psychopaths or sociopaths. Organised killers usually stalk their victims before killing them and get to know their routines. When they know their routines they will plan their murder meticulously and make sure it is exacted in a manner to avoid being caught, whilst also maximising the gratification they get from it. They often have high IQ's, anything over 120, and though very intelligent are prone to letting their arrogance get to their heads. Remember, the FBI may be just as smart or even smarter and if you start to think you're god you're going to get caught. Getting too comfortable leads to mistakes and mistakes lead to a very nice set of iron bars. The down side to organised killers is often the fact that premeditation is a given, they can prove you planned and whilst being a psychopath is a mental illness is falls flat on its face when you try to use the insanity plea. Mainly because psychopathy can not be scientifically proven, so unless you have a history of severe abuse to back you up chances are if you get caught you're going down.

Disorganised:Disorganised killers are not, as their name suggests, stupid killers. Disorganized killers can be just as smart as organised however they lack the emotional control necessary to make sure they have covered their tracks. They are also prone to psychotic breaks due to most of the majority of them suffering from some severed psychotic disorders. This psychotic break means that after every kill they will possibly get sloppier and sloppier until they completely loose it and go on a killing spree, which more than often ends with a sniper finishing them off. An advantage to being a disorganized killer however is that if caught you will be more likely to go to an mental hospital than prison, for your own safety and others. You can't read, someone who is mental ill, their rights and thus you can not charge them for crimes they have no comprehension of. This means you can go to a hospital and serve your time on heavy medication, and also aim for a quick release. Though if you're a real psycho you should probably make yourself comfortable and prepare for a long haul.

Understood all that? by now you should be pretty sure on what category you fit into for the main part, but remember there are many other smaller categories you will fit into once you start working. We shall develop on these other labels later on, for now we shall focus on murder tools and tricks of the trade. Once you locate the area you like the most it easier to figure our signatures and profiles.

I just can't pick one!

A serial killers weapon is their best friend, is their security blanket, it's their cuddly toy, it's basically their pay check so when picking your weapon make sure to pick the one which appeals to you the most.

Knives: Blades, general sharp things, knives come in many forms and are extremely popular nowadays especially if you want to take the hands on approach with your victims. Whether it be a kitchen knife or an combat blade a knife is sure to make one hell of a delicious mess and hopefully enough blood and organs to satisfy even the most gore hungry of us. With a knife you can savour every detail and be as slow or brutal as you like, do you want to cut your victim apart slowly or completely loose it and stab them till everything spills out. You can't go wrong with a knife reall, their easy to come by and can't be traced back to you if your smart.

Guns: These little machines come in so many shapes and sizes that their is bound to be one that takes your fancy. Whether it is a purse dwelling .38 hand gun or a shot gun, a gun is the want to not only make an entrance but also leave one hell of a blood stain on the wall. Guns are hard to come by and can be traced back to you due to bullets and markings, however a gunshot to the fact leaves an impression and will make an impact on people. Just make sure to get rid of the GSR and destroy the gun and you'll be OK. These are also good for people who lack physical strength and would prefer to keep their distance.

Poisons: Also known as the woman's weapon of choice, poisoning is a sneaky method of killing but no where near lacking in style. A good poisoner has an air of deception and cunning that your fellow killers will look up to. There are many poison to choose from and some that can be found in your own home or even made. Choosing a household poison is good for avoiding detection, it's so common the police will find a very hard time linking it to anyone especially if it was owned by the victim. This weapon is good for those who value discretion whilst also enjoying the idea of their victims struggling to breath due to the blood filling up their lungs.

Blunt Objects: I don't think there is anyone who doesn't appreciate a good bludgeoning. Blunt weapons are very cost effective since you can use almost anything, baseball bats, hammers, just go to your garage and you're going to find something to use. These are bloody violent killers and require a certain amount of rage, so if you plan on killing someone who has wronged you and you really want to smash their heads in, then this weapon would be very good for you.

Asphyxiation: This is possibly the most personal of all killing tools, especially if one uses their own hands. It's the most simple of all since you are using the tools god gave you. It doesn't matter what size someone is, if you incapacitate them and get a hold of their neck you can literally crush the life out of them. This one is quite popular for revenge killings mostly due to the fact you are taking the life from them with your bare hands whilst also watching the life drain from their eyes. It is considered a very passionate killing, and one for someone who really wants to feel embodied with power. And for those who lack the physical strength to over power someone you can always use the shock tactic and strangle them with an object, cable, fishing wire, anything thin will do. Just make sure to surprise them, everyone loves surprises.

Drowning: This can also be considered under asphyxiation however I decided to separate it out due to its symbolic nature. Drowning is a method of torture and killing that is extremely painful and horrific, some killers have been known to drown their victims, resuscitate them, and then drown them again. Drowning is a good method for people who want to destroy evidence, the water will compromise much of it and also bloat the body.

Buried Alive: This one can also be consider asphyxiation but has its own category due to the sheer horror of it. Being buried alive is one of those innate fears many people possess, it is a slow and terrifying death and can be prolonged for satisfaction. Burying someone alive suggests extreme hatred, so if you want to make someone suffer then this is for you. This is also handy since the body has also been hidden, if you hide the grave well no one will ever suspect there is a body there.

Still can't pick one? Nearly everything in this day and age can be a weapon. Bombs, electrocution, burning, crushing, and if you are having a hard time choosing then try a few out. Who says you can be a one trick pony, many killers have numerous amounts of weapons they like.

I want to stand out from the crowd!

Signatures are the most important part of being a serial killer, it's what the people will come to know you by and is often the source of your nickname. So if you want a cool nickname you need a good signature. You really need to come up with it by yourself so think hard about what sort of impact you want to make, what do you want people to think when they find the body. Are you an artist, a butcher, or do you want people to know the suffering you intend to cause them.

Signatures can be anything, literally. They can be markings on the body, things put on the wall, pieces of the body removed, notes to the police, or as one man did, videotaping the murder and posting it to the deceases parents. There is no right or wrong with this, just do what you feel is right and you'll have yourself one hell of an amazing signature that will leave people remembering your crimes for centuries.

Why types of killers are there?

The truth is there are an infinite amount of killers, so many people get creative these days that its hard to generalise them into a specific category. However there are certain traits that often place them in the end and below I shall list a few different types that have been noted during the ages.

Black Widow: A black widow is a woman who murders her husband for money, usually through poison or some other form of discrete method. A black widow is a very cunning female who uses her charm to lure men in only to rip out their hearts and make off with their money. The name derives from the Black Widow species of spider, where the female black widow will bite the head off their male mate after sex to supply a food source for their children.

Angel of Death: An Angel of Death is a person who believes that in killing someone they are working for a greater good. Examples could be someone who murders an ill person because they think they are suffering, or murdering a child who has an abusive family in order to liberate them from the cruel world. An angel of death takes life without consolation from the victim, they merely assume responsibility and make the choice for them.

Thrill-Oriented: These killers kill because it is fun, much like someone might go hiking or for a bike ride, these people murder for the rush of adrenaline. Killing to them is almost like a hobby to keep them happy.

Mission-Oriented: This type tends to consider murder a job in itself, they can span from deeming a certain group of people as unworthy and thus aiming to wipe them out, to using peoples for scientific means. For instance using people as test subjects, in any sense of the word. They generally believe that, the end justifies the means with this and truly believe they are in the right.

Psychotic: The psychotic killer is one of the most dangerous due to the sheer unpredictable nature of their mindset. Their killings are often spurned by delusional or paranoid thoughts. For example 'If I don't kill this person a comet is going to hit the earth', or 'I have to kill them before they kill me'.

Sadistic/Narcissist: These two are generally come in the same package and are usually associated with psychopaths. People like this gain sexual pleasure from killing someone because to them people are lower than them. They feel the pleasure of dominating and hurting and find the infliction of pain similar to that of masturbation or sex.

Stalker: This is a tricky once since most stalkers never turn to murder, however and extremely disillusioned one is just as dangerous as a psychopath. Very often criminals escalate during their years and learn with each crime they commit. A stalker knows how to blend in and find out every bit of detail about their victims. And when it comes down to it the story is only going to end one of two ways. Either the stalker kills them self, or kills the object of their affections.

OCD: It's exactly what it is, someone who kills because they have to. No explannation and no motive, they just HAVE to.

Keep in mind the list is ever growing, maybe you will break the mold and make an entirely new group. An imaginative serial killer is a successful serial killer.

Know thy enemy!

Coming soon.

Good hygiene up is a sure way to succeed!

Coming soon.

Keeping the Police at arms reach!

Coming soon.

I'm on the run, what do I do?

Coming soon.

(Made by [Duke Devlin] <3)

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