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2008-11-13 05:09:00
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Lack of adequate sleep, among other things has inspired me to make this page. It shall contain random tidbits and snippets of almost completely un-related information. It's only connection will be that it came out of my head. Some random factiods about me, silly things that run through my head, etc. 

 This page has developed an tendency to alternate between silly and serious, though it was intended only for silly. Depends on my mood. I don't always feel silly, I guess.


I think that the smell of summer is the smell of hot grass and pavement that's been baking all day in the sun drifting in through my open bedroom window.


I love the feel of sliding between clean sheets after a cool shower on a hot day


It must be the beginning of Autumn.. I saw the first geese flying south on my way home today.

Something about today made it feel like a day to be treasured.


It's interesting how fractious cats don't frighten me any more..


I wonder if the fact that I tend to slather the hand lotion on after a climbing session is going to delay the formation of callouses..


Nrrg.. I hate it when I forget and rub my eyes after petting the cat..


Random pondering.. How exactly did "dick" come to be the shortened form of "Richard" any how??


I think 3 drinks in is my happy place. If I could manage to maintain that feeling indefinitely, I think that would be bliss, to me.


It's kinda silly, but I really want it to get cold enough that I can wear my cute new jacket and scarf.. *chuckles*


Rather than letting this already silly page grow to silly proportions, I think I will limit it to 8-10 points, which I will change as I think of new things, rather than continuing to add on and add on

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2007-08-21 [Silverbullet]: *nod nod*

You can appreaciate the film whether you're anglophone or francophone, but bilinguals really get the best of it! Translations can never truly do justice :P

2007-08-21 [Adaria_Moonlight]: No, I don't imagine they do. That said, I doubt I will ever learn French. If I do choose to learn a second language, it will likely be Spanish.

2007-08-21 [Silverbullet]: I've learned (and forgotten) a bit of Spanish, and it's definitely easier than French.

2007-08-22 [Adaria_Moonlight]: Hmm, interesting to note. Yeah, I know enough for a "Hi, how are ya" conversation in spanish from my visit to mexico 10 years ago, but that's about it right now.

2007-08-22 [Silverbullet]: Knowing french and english helped me learn spanish, though, cause words were similar in some cases.

...and in other cases -looked- similar, but didn't mean the same >_<
"Coccinelle" is french for ladybug, but "Cocina" is spanish for kitchen (At least, my brain thinks the two words look alike...)

2007-08-23 [Adaria_Moonlight]: They have certain similarities, I'll grant you that..

2007-09-24 [Galain]: :-P

N x

2007-09-25 [Adaria_Moonlight]: :-P yourself

2007-11-24 [Galain]: Your fault.

N xx

2007-11-24 [Adaria_Moonlight]: hehe, how do you figure?

2007-11-24 [Galain]: Just cos.(Ok, so I'm drnk and blame it on you, but you know I'm right, dearest ;-) )

N x

2007-11-24 [Adaria_Moonlight]: hahaha, like that's an excuse. Can we be equally to blame?

2007-11-24 [Galain]: hmm, that probably makes the most sense.... *kisses *

Hmmm.... yeah.

2007-11-24 [Adaria_Moonlight]: hehe, agreed *kisses back*

2008-03-13 [smakeupfx]: just sending you a big bear hug with twirling and mangiggles... cause I miss ya :D

2008-03-13 [Galain]: Surprised about the books! I'd have thought there'd be more of a range (though not at all surprised that those were the dominant themes ;-) ).

N xx

2008-03-13 [Adaria_Moonlight]: Awe, miss you too Tim! *huggles*

Hahah, yeah Nic, while I may have eclectic music tastes, I can not say the same about my reading material. I am well and truly addicted to my fantasy novels.. with a smattering of sci-fi and historical fiction thrown in. Nothing else really seems able to maintain my attention. I -have- tried to expand my reading material, but it just doesn't work. *chuckles*

2008-03-19 [Galain]: Tsk, tsk. Sounds like me 4 years ago. I'll have to get you hooked on some other bits and pieces.

N xx

2008-03-19 [Adaria_Moonlight]: Well, you're certainly welcome to try..

2008-05-23 [Avoral]: "There are those moments that, for what ever reason, feel just right
Just now, standing on the deck in the sun, slightly tipsy, listening to Michael Franti, and watching a hawk circling in the thermals, was one of those moments.. "

Just READING that felt right.

2008-05-23 [Adaria_Moonlight]: Huh. Well. *smiles* Then I'm glad.

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