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Slayers Chapter Sixteen

::Zel was closing the distance between him and fads when this new wave of emotions swept over him:: "Now these are emotions i'm familiar with, hatred and anger, it must be something pretty big for her to feel this way I should hurry up." ::Zel began pushing his body to it's limits to get to fads and after a few short moments he stood outside the house:: "Wow, now thats a powerful force in there with her, damnit I prolly won't be too much help right now but i gotta do something." ::Zel ran to the door and kicked down with all his might, instantly splintering the door as he continued through the first wall in to the room fads was in.:: ::panting and short of breath:: "I'm here..... whats going on....."

Fads didn't have time to say anything before she was being tackled to the ground by her maker. Now more furious she attacked him wildly doing everything she could to inflict pain on him.

::Zel quickly chared dropping his shoulder just before impacting fads attacker:: "I don't think so, not while i still breath"

The man rose off of fads laughing, and lightning fast moved away from her, sending Zel charging at nothing. Fads quickly got up, and with a furious scowl on her face, told Zel that he was gone. "He wont be coming back for a while" she said, marching out of the house, and into the woods to take her anger out on some trees before she faced Zel and the story that she would have to tell.

still recovering from his awkward encouter with this new man zel took off after fads and caught up with her a short moment later "so uhhh what was that all about...?"

She whirled on him, the fury so thick it radiated off of her. "That was the creature that made me, it was quite the unexpected and unwelcome family reunion, as you can tell... He made me so that I could be his little barbie doll witch. Something he could use in any way, whenever he wanted... I don't know how he expected me to go willingly with him, but his dreams of me being his were wrong."

"Well if he is who you say he is then i'm not really in a good position, yes i'll defend you as best as i can but i don't think i have what it takes to defeat one of his power, the way he moves is even too much for me, my best suggestion is to keep moving and stay close to each other. Any suggestions where to go from here then."

"I don't think he'll be coming back any time soon." She replied... "Maybe in another few years when he thinks I've calmed down..."

"Well thats good but we can't stay here much longer, as i'm sure the towns people are close to finding out that we're here so we do need to move on soon, you lead the way and i'll follow"

"OK". Fads started moving, not really sure where she was going, but just away, away from the people, away from the town, away from the fresh memories. She didn't stop until several hours later when they were a mile from a different village. "Do we dare go in, it seems we have bad luck in populated areas."

"No, it seems that we have bad luck, but that aside, i'll sit on the sides for a bit and let you take the wheel. i need to rest a bit, didn't really get to eat at the last town... i'm just saying if somebody didn't go snooping where they souldn't have i might have had a nice dinner but thats nither here nor there so i guess it's your call this time."

Fads sat down on the ground "nope, perfectly content to stay right here... you go eat."

"Ok but, i'll only be a minute, just keep low till i get back" ::zel quickly headed off towards the town::

Fads sits patiently, knowing better than to do something and attract attention... While she sits, she thinks about everything that's happened and wonders where her cousin and friend have gone, and why she really isn't all that concerned for them...


Zel finished his snack quite quickly throwing his meals limp body into the alley "Guess it's time to get back to her and keep moving to whereever it is we're going." Zel quickly turned around and headed back in fads direction, quickly closing the distanceand now fads was coming into just as he felt a tinge of pain in his right shoulder, he stopped to examine the source of this pain and noticed an arrow protruding through his shoulder, he instinctively pulled his sword from it scabbard and began scanning the forest as he continued to fads "WE'VE GOT COMPANY!" zel yelled at fads

She jumped up, facing the direction of Zels voice, unsure of what he meant, or what was going on. She braced her self for the worst but hoped this was nothing but some sort of mistake.

As soon as fads came into view he noticed a figure in the braches above her "STALKERS" hey yelled at fads running as fast as his body would move getting to her just in time to deflect the next arrow away with his sword. "I don't know what they want but I know thier kind, i was a stalker once, and the only reason they would have to attack us is if somebody put a bounty on our heads."

"God Dammit! Can't we go anywhere without being attacked?!?!" Fads yelled

As Zel stands at fads side swords draw staring the stalkers down one drop from a nearby tree and approaches " I thought it was you, the ministry will pay nicely for your head, and as for her i think i'll take her for my own enjoyment. c'mon boys lets wrap this up...." zel suddenly leaps forward tackling the stalker to the ground "Fads get out of here."

"Um, no. I can't lose you too!" She said baring her teeth, and leaping on another stalker ripping his throat out. The blood was warm and rich, but she had no time to enjoy it, she was on the next on in a flash trying to beat in his skull. She felt hands on her back trying to lift her up and away, but she flung her arm behind her sending the people flying.

Zel, upon seeing fads jump to action freed one of his hands and drove his sword through the first stalkers shoulder to the hilt pinning him to the ground, jumping up zel quickly grabbed his other sword and with one precise swing of his arm and a carefully timed release sent the blade flying into the chest of one of fads assailants. "This isn't your fight, it's him they want, and if it's him they want then i'll give him to them!!" a blank look fell into zels eyes as his body fell limp to the ground, through the fighting the sound of bones reshaping, a sense of pure evil fell over the clearing, suddenly the stalkers froze with a look of dread and terror speading over thier faces, the silence broken only by thier leader. "GET HIM BEFORE HE FINISHES THE CHANGE!!!"

Slayers Chapter Eightteen

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