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2009-02-05 16:15:52
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Sitebuilding on Elftown

Help and discussions about building and uploading your own web-site on Elftown with the <URI:sitebuild.html> feature.

If you have a domain registered, you can make a redirect to your Elftown domain. Eventually, it might be possible to only show your domain (that you point to but nothing is planned yet.

How to build a site?!?

Well... You can copy a simple page and edit that to make it display what you want. Nowadays it's quite hard to find simple pages though, because they mostly contain stylesheets and javascript that is hard to read. But I recommend these:

I'll add some simple example index.html and index.css files later.

If you want to play around with javascript, then your head will explode...

Username (or number or email):


2009-07-02 [Hedda]: Is it the article\artic.html and article\poems.html files?

I guess the \ might cause problems somehow... *looks* Yes, there was a quoting problem in the Javascript (And a bug in the web-server made the error).

Now it should work to delete them!

2009-07-04 [MeerderSeele]: Arhhhh Thank you it works now! Hedda my hero ;DD

2009-07-06 [MeerderSeele]: one more problem....;B I and some of my friends can get access to my site, but quite a few said they can't, and said when they sometimes click, it directed to here "

2009-07-08 [Hedda]: That's bad. I see where the error is, but I'll fix it tomorrow, I hope.

2009-07-09 [Hedda]: There: Now it should be fixed!

The problem occurred when someone went from a link from another site to

Thanks for helping out at finding the bugs! <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2009-07-09 [MeerderSeele]: Thank you so much whee!! =B

2010-03-02 [MeerderSeele]: file link error

Hi dear Hedda,

when i click on my folders under the main directory, the links lead to wrong file, there are two files i have: file file

no.1 is to store news htm only, no.2 file is a subfile under images, for storing images. When I try to upload images to the second file, or click go to second file, the link always lead to the first one

as explained from screengrab here:


2010-03-02 [Hedda]: Thanks! I'll look into it tomorrow!

2010-03-04 [Hedda]: Hm... More problems than I thought. I'm rebuilding it a little, so it will take a while, but hopefully be much better.

2010-03-06 [Hedda]: I'm not sure if I've solved your problem (I didn't encounter it), but I rebuilt the system quite a bit now.

There was a problem with where files where uploaded to by default.

There is still no correlation in what there is in the address-field in your browser and where in the tree you are. I'm not sure if that is a problem.

2010-03-09 [MeerderSeele]: Dear Hedda, problem solved. Previously i was not able to upload pictures to the file i want(when i already input correct path and target folder), it always uploaded by default. Now it works well. Thank you!

2010-03-09 [Hedda]: Good! <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2010-12-21 [MeerderSeele]: me again (is wondering am i only one who uses this elftown function here and got problems? ;)

css won't show on page...I uploaded css and html page to the same folder and all the css style just got lost when viewing under firefox and ie.8 , can't figure out why...maaany thanks!
ps i tried other web hosting it works, but i like the stable one in elftown 

2010-12-23 [Hedda]: You don't seem to have that file there now.

Maybe you wrote the link wrong. You have to write relative URIs. If you write src="/something.css" it will work at the root of a webserver, but not here as it ends up as and /something will then point at

Remove the beginning / and it works. And use ../something.css instead of /something.css when referring to it from

2010-12-23 [Hedda]: (Well, or as that's what you're working on.)

You're pretty much the only one actively using it. A few others have a little stuff though.

2011-01-02 [MeerderSeele]: Hi Hedda do you mean that I should upload index page to default folder and then upload css to separate folder as .../something.css? I tried that and not working and now back to default folder they are like this:


2011-01-02 [MeerderSeele]: Oh wait...just now i tried to browse the index page with ie8, and it works! so it's a problem of compatibility with firefox i guess...really strange cause i tested it under firefox o.O anyway i'll check coding again, thank you! and ps happy new year! ;D

2011-01-02 [Hedda]: No, I meant that you mustn't write links like src="/something.css", but instead src="somehing.css". That is: Use relative URIs. But that wasn't the issue here.

The problem here was that Elftown sent your .css-file as "application/octet-stream" instead of "text/css". I fixed that, so now is looking correct. (By the way: You have to name the css-file with .css otherwise it will not work.)

2011-01-03 [MeerderSeele]: hi got it, thank you mayor! =D

2011-05-19 [MeerderSeele]: Hi major Hedda, me again =D
About forwarding domain to the one i got from godaddy, cause the pages here are bit different than other hosting, so I'm a bit confused, should i forward this domain or what else...? doesn't seem to work, but everything is normal on my godaddy account..


2011-05-20 [Hedda]: I'm not sure how you have set up your Godadday-domain.

The thing is that you can't point to because then your browser is sending as the hostname to Elftown, and Elftown has no idea what that means.

So you have to have a redirect service that answers to and redirects it to (or to ).

I'm not sure that Godaddy offers this service for free ( does), and I don't know some service that can answer on and redirect it to

But I fixed now so that if you (in DNS) point www.anydomain.ext to , Elftown will redirect that to (I hope... It's untested)

So it will work if you have registered and its Zonefile looks like:

www 28800 IN CNAME
(Note the ending dot!)

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