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2008-10-19 12:18:14
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Hi All!  come on, just post your cutest baby pic... I'll start...

1. [smakeupfx]
My mom says I was always covered in mud, paint and everything else I could get into... so... I haven't changed at all ;-)

2. [Arwen Elf Friend]
My first bikini, I think. I grew up climbing that mimosa tree behind me. I love that I was raised in the country.

3. [Rye]
See??? I was cute once XP

4. [Cia_mar]
well I have been told I have big pretty brown eyes... but maybe they meant pretty big brown eyes?!?!?! "deer in a headlight" impression
one of my own favs of myself

5. [Nyaah*]
me with my little sister [~AtErg~]

6. [irulan]

7. [Jewl]

8. [Sunrose]
Trying to start a modelling career..

9. [Saray]
Hahaha, see, I was born a little bitch :P "Stay awayyyy from my sammich, dad, or I'll poke you in the eye!"

10. [Perplexity]
Another piece of evidence that my parents drugged me as a child.

11. [Mom]...Yes they did have cameras that long go. How do you think they got pictures of the dinosaurs?

12. [Kelaria]
Well... here we go! :P I guess I was pretty cute! ^_^ (wonder what happened ^_~ hehe!)

13. [Kitakaze]
Red hair, striped clothes and a red rattle R0CK! :P

14. [Chrysilla]
The pic that made [smakeupfx] die from cuteness :D
I was 4 years old, dressed up as squirrel (not a rabbit dammit!) and pouting because the party was too long.

15.[Radioactive Flea]
I'm the one in the back my younger sister is in the front with her usual pouty face. I'll replace this later on with the imfamous green bean baby pic.

16. [de Morte]

17. [shir t.]
This is as far back as I could find at the moment, I was like five-ish. But I'll keep looking.

18. [apple babble]

19. [Lothuriel]
Sorry dudes, I couldn't find my baby Frankenstein photo. I will look for one at my mom's this weekend. I know she has a bunch of them.

20. [Dark Side of the Moon]
It's me and my sister at Grant's Farm when we were kids. I'm the lil shortcake on the left with the long piggy tails. One of the goats tried to eat them. I screamed pretty loud. Then my dad laughed at me. Good times...

21. [Mercenes]
Me circa age 4 with my little puppy! We moved continent shortly after this picture was taken. My brothers and I didn't want to give him up so we sold all our toys in order to take him with us! People thought it was cute (or poignant, I'm not sure) and donated a bunch of money to help us too! <3

22. [Iske]
Have no idea how old I was here , Too bad the cute-ness faded with the years

23. [Xuan.]
I made this a while back. too many, i hope you all enjoy. Wished I still looked THAT asian.

24. [Sisk is Metal]
Imagine what our ([Xuan.] and me) kids are going to look like. :)

25. [arthemis_]
My father made me do it. He put the sombrero on my head put me onto his car and told me to sit still.
The cutest I could find!

26.) [Adaria_Moonlight]
Been promising Tim for a loooong time now that I'd add my photo, and finally got around to it. Sorry it took so long Tim! (needless to say, I'm the one with the dolly, not the clown, in the one photo. The other's my older brother)

<img300*0:stuff/baby_angi1.jpg> <img300*0:stuff/baby_angi2.jpg>

27.) [Daisy le Fleur]
As Promised Tim..(better ones are stored in packing for the time being)

28. [Daisy_Sandybanks]


29.[Urmando The Elfling]


What do you mean, I haven't changed a single day?

30. [Duke Devlin]
I think I got less cute. :P

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2008-09-12 [smakeupfx]: babies are babies,  so you go right ahead :-) 

2008-09-12 [Lothuriel]: Correction..."babies is babies"


2008-09-12 [Arwen Elf Friend]: As Guy Fieri would say, "Babies is gooood!" If no one else watches "Diners, Drive-ins & Dives", I'm gonna feel pretty stoopid about this comment.... lol

2008-09-12 [smakeupfx]: that as i may be, they're still delicious ;-P

2008-09-12 [Lothuriel]: Yeppers, watch it all the time!

2008-09-12 [deja vu, mi amor]: cool, thanks!

2008-10-05 [Daisy le Fleur]: LOL awesome Fonz!

2008-10-05 [Urmando The Elfling]: Hehehehe, couldn't resist it, to place some Baby pics of myself here to...

2008-10-06 [Lothuriel]: OMG!! YOu were such an adorable baby, Fonz!!!

2008-10-07 [Urmando The Elfling]: *glow, glow...* ThanX [Lothuriel]....

2008-10-14 [Dark Side of the Moon]: He knows he, was... <img:44166_1164145272.gif>

2008-10-14 [smakeupfx]: Hahaha,  I say it's always "is"  XD  all the best people are

2008-10-14 [Urmando The Elfling]: he,he,he,he,he....

2008-10-14 [smakeupfx]: see, he knows :D

2008-10-15 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I know he knows. He knows I know you know. I know you know I know he knows. <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

2008-10-15 [Daisy le Fleur]: Oy now my head hurts.... lol

2008-10-15 [Urmando The Elfling]: A gigi gugu dada..?

2008-10-17 [smakeupfx]: this is what happens when you know to much (never happens to me :(

2008-10-17 [Lothuriel]: Physically impossible for it to happen to me...:p

2008-10-19 [Urmando The Elfling]: [Daisy le Fleur], You were already at that age a pretty girl, Gee...

2008-10-19 [Daisy le Fleur]: <img:stuff/sh-gif.gif> Teehee, thanks..

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