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2007-03-10 21:45:36
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Part 2 of my poems

Seams of Fate
By Scott "Severus Bloodmoon" Rogers

The storm brings drums
Thunder to full Disorchestra
Black clouds shroud the earth
The scimitar slash to the under gash
As lightning strikes with fire
I strike as a wolf from the thickening fog
Of rabid dogmas on a stellar bear hunt
Bastioned in citadels and monastic cells
Like a covenant where crosses rust
There were deeper needs of a begged lust
Obtaining the orb of the Guardians Anger
And Deaths tunnel vision
Unpicking the seams of fate
Sewn over dreams

Aeons Revenge
By Scott "Severus Bloodmoon" Rogers

Feasting from the throats of celestial thieves
Now that we are unleashed
To drive nails home of a bllind faith through thee
Who dorve us from error to the terror below
Of many a spire that aspired to rise
I the start like a cast
For in morality
Our heros wore a mask
Of dead rooks in the rain
Our once lucent plumage
Strung with thorns withered gray
As Aeons slew so we grew to myth
Revenge accured to a monolith

Pain Revisited
By Scott "Severus Bloodmoon" Rogers

Bursting through from our roofed abyss
Now vulvite gates are so sorely missed
Our horror pours through the orifice
Where once the spheres and archangels kissed
Now divinity is a worm ridden mouth
In this darkened house
We breath by virtue of their rot
Now our souls begin to exalt
I burn for thee at hear
To come bear me on wings of a graveyard robbed lust
To where pleasure rings deep secrets

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2008-01-29 [Sexy NINJA]: i dont think any one pays attention to this site on here of your poetry but i think you should never stop writting if you feel it than it is in your blood as i say let it flow through your veins feel the words flow from your brain to the tips of your finger all the way to the paper i love poetry

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