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2009-05-13 13:08:06
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I was getting my ticket-bracelet for SOF 2009 on Monday 2009-05-11. And took some photos of the builds for the festival train. See
The SOF-tent at the building area where you can buy burgers, sandwich, beer and stuff.
Not so much building going on at the moment.
A divided car. I have no clue what it will be on Saturday.
A rocket.
"Bristfällig. Gör om, gör rätt! Ny kontroll på torsdag"
Faulty. Redo, do right! New control on Thursday.
Some people "building". One guy sawing and two girls babbling...
"Inte OK! Ny kontroll på torsdag"
Not OK! New control on Thrusday. </box300> <box300><img300*0:stuff/z/1/SOF2009bracelet/DSC02766.JPG>
My SOF2009 bracelet
A cat outside my house.
He seemed pretty shy though.

/ [Hedda]

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