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Rose Prophecy


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Hello, folks! This wiki page is dedicated to the publication of my first novel, Rose Prophecy, which was published in January of 2007 by There are a couple of brief snippets of text from the novel available at my house page, [NightHawk], and if you are interested in buying the novel, please support a young author and head to:

^^ I'd like to thank all of you for coming here and checking out my work. To those of you who purchase a copy (also available in .pdf format), I wish you happy reading and another round of thanks!

-NightHawk Falconis

"... Rose shall cry."



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2007-05-08 [Aeolynn]: Hey can I make a banner for this wiki?

2007-05-08 [NightHawk]: Hmmm... sure! That'd be awesome! Do you want any of my graphics for it, or would you rather create your own?

2007-05-08 [Aeolynn]: I have what I need from the cover! I took the one from ur deviant page... and I'll make one for the wiki and the same one but for your house if you would like... im gonna experiment.... 0.o weeeeeeeeee this is gonna be fun, thanks!

2007-05-08 [NightHawk]: Hehe, I should be the one thanking you... so thanks! ^^

2007-05-08 [Aeolynn]: Np! Um... can I also revamp the wiki a lil? Its...kinda cluttered...

2007-05-08 [NightHawk]: XD Go for it... I allowed posting by all now. ^^

2007-05-08 [Aeolynn]: Alright! That looks better! But... I still wanna try certain thingies... oh and heres a banner for your house if u want it <img:stuff/RoseProphecybannerhouse.jpg>

2007-05-09 [Aeolynn]: Do you like it?

2007-05-09 [NightHawk]: Ooh, cool. The banner underneath the one here... did you make that one, or is it from somewhere else?

2007-05-09 [NightHawk]: Sorry for the delay... I'm RPing with a friend, and we're doing long posts XD

2007-05-09 [Aeolynn]: Thats from elftown graphics

2007-05-09 [NightHawk]: Ah, okay. Then it's public domain. Just making sure ^^ And thanks again!

2007-05-09 [Aeolynn]: np! I enjoy designing wiki pages... im still workin on urs btw

2007-05-09 [NightHawk]: Hehe, it's looking good! Anyway, I'm off for now! I'll check it out when I log back in... probably tomorrow.

2007-05-09 [Aeolynn]: Well I think its done! What do you think? Anything you want added or deleted?

2007-05-09 [NightHawk]: Hey, thanks! Nah, it looks great! You did an awesome job!

2007-05-10 [Aeolynn]: Thanks! <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

2007-07-10 [Lightning Cowgirl]: what i read of it is INCREDIBLE!!!! immesntly intersting and an intersting read. talented work monseignuer

2007-07-10 [NightHawk]: ^^ Hey, thanks a lot! I hope you're inspired to read the rest of it sometime ;D

2007-10-10 [IceFae]: I love the book! ^_^
Ive read it 8 times already...starting on my ninth. Keep it up!
Keep writting! MUST...READ....MORE!

2007-10-11 [NightHawk]: Haha, thanks a lot! 9th time? Wow! I don't think *I've* read it that often XD I'm currently about 50-60% done with my latest manuscript of what I just call "Zane's Story." ... <.< That won't be the final title, though. I hope. :D

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