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2005-06-17 11:40:58
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Riddle Me Challenge

This is for people who want to challenge anyone to answer their riddles, it may turn into a circuit with time.


This first one needs a different way to get past. The three things mentioned in the first bit is the basic riddle, put the INITALS (ie. Riddle Me ABC) in to try and see whether you're right.

However there is the more advanced riddle (the separate two lines). Add that word onto the end of the first (ie. Riddle Me ABCHorse) to get on.

Anyone who gets it will then be allowed to gloat a little!


Tell me a riddle
Or tell me a rhyme.
Tell me the thing that will solve it each time
It has two friends
But without one three's none.
So you'll tell me their names 'fore this riddle is done!
The second is simple it's meaning, no fear
With it they press onwards for those they hold dear.
The third one is fickle,
Too eas'ly turns bad,
And yet by the good ones is quite often had.

Now tell me the person who has to have all
And stand there alone, to serve one and all.


Small hints to help you, split it up into individual clues and Link...


Riddle Me

Username (or number or email):


2005-09-12 [cobi]: where does it split? what's the first clue?

2005-09-12 [Estantia]: *tuts* tsk tsk, you can work that bit out... (it really isn't hard, look at it.)

2005-09-13 [cobi]: i know, but the answer possibilities are so wide its exasperating...

2005-09-13 [Estantia]: ok, look at the bits, split into sections, no?

2008-07-09 [il-gatto-nero]: I have W and R... am I on the right lines? *exasperated*

2008-07-10 [Estantia]: One out of two... there's three in total. If it helps, you could notice Link is capitalized in the hint.

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