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Reading Challenge, 2011


Welcome to the Reading Challenge 2011. The idea is to set yourself a certain number of books to read in 2011 and then... to read that many books! After you read them, you have to write a review of that book. YOU set the amount of books you want to read this year - so don't tell me you don't have time for this. It can be as low as 5, or as high as 200. After you've written your review, don't forget to add a link to it to the wiki where you're listing the books you've read.


How to join up:

Follow the example below. write your name below, and then a link to the wiki-page where you will be keeping a list of the books you've read. Below that, keep a tally of how many books you've read, and also list when you joined the challenge. E.g.:

1. [SilverFire] - Silvie's Reading List 2011
Books read: 0/100
Joined: 24/01/11



Q: Can I re-read books I've already read?
A: You can re-read books you've already read prior to this year (providing you haven't already written a review on it) but you can't count the same book twice, even if you read it twice this year.

Q: How do I write a review?
A: Go to your ET diary. In the top right corner are a load of buttons. One of them says 'write a review'. Click it!

Q: It's February/March/November - can I still join?
A: Sure. But take when you're starting into consideration when deciding your goal.

Q: Can I count comics/graphic novels?
A: That's entirely up to you, and whether you personally count them as books or not. The point of this challenge is to get people to read more, so if you already read 300 comic books a year, then maybe you shouldn't count them. (NB: I know many people in other challenges count 3-5 comics/mangas as equivalent to one book).


Sign up:

1. [SilverFire] - Silvie's Reading List 2011
Books read: 13/55
Joined: 01/01/11

2. [Linderel] - Lami's Reading List 2011
Books read: 11/30
Joined: 01/01/11

3. [Viking] - Viking's Reading List 2011
Books read: 26/52
Joined: 01/01/11

4. [Eyden13]-Eyden's Reading List 2011
Books read: 27/75
Joined: 01/01/2011

5. [Akayume] - Akayume's Reading List 2011
Books read: 18/50
Joined: 01/02/2011

6. [Ayame the Snake] - Ayame's Reading List 2011
Books read: 16/30
Joined: 01/03/2011

7. [Caterin S.] - Cat's Reading List 2011
Books read 66/70
Joined 03/01/11

8. [hanhepi] - hanhepi's reading list 2011
Books read - 0/20
Joined: 03/01/11

9. [Ms. Steel] - Lex's Reading List 2011
Books read: 37/40
Joined: 03/01/11

10. [Chishio] - Chi-chan's Reading List 2011
Books read: 1/45
Joined: 01/04/11

11. [All_Most PUNK] - Patricio's Reading List 2011
Books read: 00/80
Joined: 01/03/2011

12. [▲.] - CiCi's Reading List 2011
Books read: 1/20
Joined: 1/23/2011

13 [*Phoenix*] - *Phoenix* Books 2011
Books read: 3/50
Joined: Feb/6/2011

14. [Mirime] Mirime's Reading List 2011
Books read: 75/100
Joined: 15 February 2011 (list starts in Jan)

15. [Yncke] - Yncke's reading list
Books read: 22
Joined: 2011/03/08 (counting back to 01/01)

16. [iippo] - iippo's reading list
Books read: 17/60
Joined: March 2011

17. [Alexi Ice] - Akane's Reading List
Books read: 15/30
Joined: April 20, 2011

18. [Mortified Penguin] - Mort's reading list 2011
Books read: -1/8
Joined: 2011-05-22 (day after the rapture)

19. [nehirwen] - Nehirwen's Reading List 2011
Books read: 14/15
Joined: 28 May 2011

20. [Karithina] - Kari's Reading List 2011
Books Read: 3/10
Joined: 28 May 2011


Username (or number or email):


2011-08-15 [Alexi Ice]: I might...maybe. lol

2011-09-08 [SilverFire]: Dissertation ruined my attempt for me so far this year – so many books started, so few finished. But I have a two-week window of opportunity after hand in and before the next course starts to try and fit some in.

2011-10-19 [Alexi Ice]: I'm so addicted to the series Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz right now. Anyone else read them?

2011-10-19 [Mortified Penguin]: Yes.

2011-12-09 [Eyden13]: there are just so many books I've forgot to put on here

2011-12-11 [Imperator]: *Thinks about making a Troll-ish comment in lieu of [kians mummy] but decides against it since this is [SilverFire]'s wiki and all that*

In case anyone wants to witness the embarrassingly awkward spectacle of a genius totally out of his league, read some of Einstein's essays on economics. Shoulda stuck to science, Al.

2011-12-24 [Linderel]: Hmm. So not going to make it to my goal. Damn.

2011-12-28 [Akayume]: Me either. D: S'oke Lami.

2011-12-28 [Viking]: I won't make it either. I won't even match how many I read last year.

2011-12-28 [Akayume]: I'm so disappointed in myself. :( But with Uni and work I have no time for pleasure reading. It makes me sad.

2012-01-02 [Eyden13]: are we going to do one for 2012 as well? I'd like to if we could.

2012-01-02 [Synirria]: Me as well! I'd so join in the fun! lol

2012-01-02 [Linderel]: I already made my own wiki in anticipation of it xD

2012-01-02 [Synirria]: *Groans* Man!!! OVER ACHEIVER!!!!

2012-01-02 [Linderel]: Nah. It's more that I get carried away. :P

2012-01-02 [Akayume]: It's oke Lin. :P When I came to check this page I was hoping for a link to one for 2012...

2012-01-02 [Synirria]: *Pokes Akayume's cheek SOFTLY* I was only kidding...

2012-01-02 [Viking]: I almost made one earlier today, but was too lazy. Maybe when I actually finish another book.

2012-01-02 [Linderel]: So I set the wiki up. :P Shoo, go there. -> Reading Challenge 2012

2012-01-07 [Mirime]: 2012 totally snuck up on me :( ah well...

2012-01-09 [Caterin S.]: Damn, I missed my goal, it was pretty close though. :/
I'd love to take part in the Reading Challenge 2012 also, but as you might notice from my reading list, I still haven't written all the reviews of the last year, so I might skip the challenge... But I think I might make a few reviews of certain books in the future. I'm reading the Twilight series at the moment and boy I need to review it properly.

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