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Welcome all! *waves at you* This is my little corner for just about everything visual.  Have fun looking around, leave comments, ask questions, whatever.

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I would love it if everyone who visited let me know what their favorite photo was in each of the categories, and/or their favorite photo overall The photos are organized into the categories listed below. Please enjoy!

Angi's Art [Updated October 26th, 2008]

Angi's Drumheller Adventures [created September 29th]

Angi's Aussie-land trip 2008 (Completed June 18th, 2008) Photos from my trip to western Australia to visit [Galain] in June of 2008

Angi's vacation /06 photosphotos of my vacation in B.C. with my dad that year

Angi's Vacation 2007 More photos from BC, this time from in and around Kelowna, which is located in the central Okanagan Valley, right on Lake Okanogan, which itself is 130km long and about 200m deep at it's deepest point. (created August 26, 2007)

Angi's wildlife photos Photots of random critters (updated February 22nd, 2007)

Wandering in the woods Shots from my wanders in green spaces. (Updated January 13th 2008)

Kelowna, my new home Photographs taken in and around Kelowna (created May 6th, 2008)

Angi's sunrises and sunsets Has been expanded to include photos of the moon as well (updated February 22nd, 2007)

Angi's macro photos Photos taken on macro mode, because it's FUN! [updated July 9th 2008]

Angi's people Photos of me, friends, family, and other people you probably don't care about. (updated May 10th, 2008)

Home is where the Heart is Pictures from in and around the Calgary area (updated August 28, 2006)

Angi's Devonian Garden's Trip Pictures taken the last week of August 2006 at the Devonian Botanical Gardens (created September 2nd, 2006)

Angi's Random Photos Random photos that don't fit into any other category (updated September 3rd, 2007) 

Angi's fall colors  (created september 29th, 2006)

School related photos (created October 22nd, 2006) Pictures relating to the 2 year diploma program I recently completed at NAIT (graduated June 2008). If some how you've managed to find this but -dont- know what program I was in, go back to my house and read closer. **** I've broken this one down into groups because I thought it was getting too long and un-wieldly. I also added a couple of groups. (Sub categorie updated January 13th 2008)

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2006-09-11 [Silverbullet]: never tried...

As to how.. um.. I didn't turn around when mom gave me my jacket, so i just put it on backwards.. but then my back was cold so i proceeded to buttoning up :P

2006-09-11 [Adaria_Moonlight]: Ok. See, I had a completely diffenent mental picture. I think I could do that too.

2006-09-11 [Silverbullet]: ah.. yeah.. i forgot a word... >_>
it's supposed to be "Putting on a shirt backwards and buttoning it up with your hands behind your back" ^^'

2006-09-11 [Adaria_Moonlight]: *laughs* See, the way you said it the first time would be much more difficult. And damn it I just missed a great shot of the moon because I didn't go out right away and did this instead. Oh well.

2006-09-11 [Adaria_Moonlight]: And, speaking of my camera, the damn thing's decided to go on the fritz. I went to go take a picture of the sunset and all of a sudden the LCD screen kept flashing on and off, and I couldn't turn the camera off. So I took the batteries out and put in a new set, thinking that might be the problem, and now the damn thing is telling me it can't read the memory card, and it won't take pictures if the card is in the camera. So I have to take it in to Best Buy tomorrow after school and see what they say. I'm just not having any luck with electronics. My computer is the only thing that I've bought in the last 2 years that hasn't had any problems. *knock on wood*

2006-09-11 [Silverbullet]: hehe, yeps! That's what's funky with electronics. They're wonderful when they work, but most of the time you have no idea what's wrong when they decide to go on strike! ><

2006-09-12 [Adaria_Moonlight]: Well, the good news is that it seems the memory card just needed to be reformatted, for some odd reason. We'll see if the fix holds...

2006-09-13 [Silverbullet]: haha! writing replies is on my list and will get to one tonight most probably!

Ouh, and another thing to add to the "reasons Alain has managed to evade the people with the white jackets" list! I'm so quick I caught a mouse! With my hands! Bwahahahaha!

2006-09-14 [Adaria_Moonlight]: *looks at Trennas* Now what the hell was that? *turns back to Alain* I think it's safest if we just ignore him. A mouse with your bare hands, eh? Nifty. Did it bite you?

2006-09-14 [Silverbullet]: ...i didn't say they were bare.. i had work gloves (cause i was shifting wood around when i found the mouse).. so i didn't get bitten ^______^
But it wasn't even trying, really... more like wondering what the feck was going on XD

Did news of the Dawson shooting today reach you?

2006-09-14 [Adaria_Moonlight]: *nods* You're right, you didn't say bare. Nifty. I like mice, they're so cute (as an almost unrelated side not, Mouse is actually one of my many many nicknames) I've never held a wild one, just the ones in the pet store. I have held a sparrow though. Carried it around for the better part of a day one day when I was living down town before it just flew away. That was really cool.

Yeah, I got the news this morning. I though of you immediately. I forgot you wern't actually in school right now and I didn't know where it was in relation to where you are...

2006-09-15 [Silverbullet]: Yep, i gotta admit that the mouse was cute. All small and stuff with the big eyes. Sparrow's cool! I nurtured a.. umm.. common bird.. to health once when i was younger. It smashed itself into our patio door right after mom finished cleaning it.. hehe.. ^^'
And I've held a bat too, also when younger... before my mom ran out and ranted on about rabies and such XD It's not my fault the bat was out in daylight and crashed into a wall!

As for the shooting.. it happened in a Cegep in Montreal. Montreal's about a 45 minute drive from where I am, then you can add traffic to that and stuff before you'd get to Dawson (the Cegep). I'm not quite sure where it is in Montreal.
And though you're right about me not being in school this year.. guess where I had applied to go? ^^'

2006-09-15 [Adaria_Moonlight]: Yeah, the sparrow was a really neat experience. Not sure what happended to it, but it was just sitting on the sidewalk and there were nastly looking crows eyeing it up. It let my tourist pick it up, and like I said, we carried it around for most of the day.

*nods* I read your diary entry. That's really scary. And you know, even with all this, I can't get my mind around the idea that school is anything but a safe place.

2007-02-04 [Moonknight]: wow!

2007-02-04 [Adaria_Moonlight]: *laughs* Now are you going to go look at the rest of the pictures too?

2007-02-04 [shir t.]: I really like this pict. You do have a great style..

2007-02-04 [Adaria_Moonlight]: Why thank you!

2007-08-27 [~Lady Morgana~]: Wow that's so awesome! I love your photos <3
Why the hell haven't I been here much earlier? o.O

2007-08-27 [Adaria_Moonlight]: *laughs* Really couldn't tell ya love. It's been here for ages!

2007-08-29 [Silverbullet]: I can attest to that! ^^

2007-08-30 [Adaria_Moonlight]: He he

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