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RP Tabby

Below are a set of rules and guidelines I have set in place when RPing with me.



Semi-literate to full-literate. I use proper grammar. Mistakes happen and I understand that. Write like you would see things written in a book, not in first person. I am detail-oriented; I don't expect you to be, but at least a paragraph would be nice as a reply. Give me something to work with. It's an RP, but to me it's a literary story that I'm seeing in my mind. Help me built that world. Sex--why yes, I do write that out. I don't like my stories to revolve around it, but if it happens in-story, great. If you want to skip it, I'm cool with that, too. I'm open to most things. "Taboo" stuff is fine so long as we discuss it first. Also, certain kinks I don't mind playing out within reason. Again I'm not all about smut; primary for me is the story. God-moding is good to progress the story, but if there is something I don't like I will tell you and ask you to edit it. Usually I work with what I am given to generate a challenge for myself.


Themes I Enjoy

⚝  Vampire, Werewolf, Witches
⚝  Demons, Angels / Heaven, Hell
⚝  Dragons, Elves, Orcs {DND stuff}
⚝  Feudal Japan: Samurai/Ninja {Can add fantasy like InuYasha}
⚝  Future, Space, Gundam/MobileSuit {This theme can be hard for me but I always enjoy a challenge}
⚝  Plain old Human stuffs {Realism and touch of reality is fine with me too}
⚝  Furries, Anthros, Were-folk
⚝  Have an idea? Run it by me! Chances are I wont say no; I am always into new ideas.


Plot Ideas [Starters]

Below is a list of plot ideas that I can work with and enjoy.

✯ Fangtasia ✯

You cross the supernatural veil and find yourself at a bar with many strange creatures. An assortment of the supernatual come here to unwind.
Story A - Your waitress is a vampire but she has no memory of her past and her coworkers seem awfully protective over her. Why? Story B - A gruff werewolf bouncer looks like he has resting bitch face but there is a sadness in his eyes that can't be hidden. Why does he insist on being an asshole? Story C - A drunken but fun Scottish vampire invites you to a game of cards but clearly he's cheating. He raises the stakes and says he wants something personal of yours, and if you win you can name your price. You up for the challenge? Story D - The owner, a.k.a. The Lady in Red, is in need of employees: Wait Staff, Bouncers, and Private Investigators. Do you have what it takes to work at this bleeding throat bar?

♕ Zion ♛

[think of the book: War Between the Classes]
Set in the dystopian future, all species are segregated by 4 classes:
Blues – highest, richest
Dark Greens – upper-middle-class, semi-rich
Light Greens – lower-middle-class, semi-poor
Oranges – lowest class, very poor.
To further split up the people, there is the superior sex, Teks(females), and the inferior sex, No-Teks(males).
Each of these are then placed into each individual sect of the city, which is separated into segments of the same breed in the city of Zion. There is a resistance to either escape the city's tyranny or plan a battle strategy to take Zion for the people!

☙ Draycott ❧

Set in a land full of dragons, hunters, mythical creatures, and adventure--what's not to love? Keep your coin close, adventurer!
Story A - You run into a large minotaur woman (Kimari), whose main focus is to beat Baphomet--the strongest known minotaur. Despite her low intelligence she is insightful and kind, and oddly not at all like most of her race. Story B - Did someone just pickpocket you?! It's so hard to see them! Make a perception check; was that a Gnome? Nampok just took your gold! Give chase to that ancient hag of a creature! Story C - New to adventuring (Dolly), a cleric, is in search of a sacred burial: Dolmen. Here she hopes to learn more about her god, Arceus, and hopes to attain his divine power.

❀ Bexley Academy ✿

Nothing like studies right? Well did you know you are at an academy of the gifted? There are superpowers of all types and you are here to master them. Think Harry Potter, but much more super.

☾ GoldCrest ☾

In your hometown there is a rumor of a haunted hotel called GoldCrest. Outside it is peeling paint, covered in overgrowth, and the gates are locked. Your suspicion is that there is nothing to be afraid of, so you go in to find the hotel is brand new and you have been transported to an alternate dimension. The staff is bizarre, the hotel is beautiful, and you are trapped. Can you find a way to get back? Do you even want to?

☯ Suriyarai ☯

Feudal Japan-
Story A - In an era where woman are raised to be wives and men warriors, one woman refuses to follow these rules. She secretly wants to learn the way of the warrior. With her father and brother out to war and just her and her mother at home, she sneaks out during chores to see training at a nearby dojo. The male teacher is strong, knowledgeable, and not to mention good-looking. After learning by watching she would practice with a stick the same lessons near the garden in secret. When being called in to do dinner prep a new male is there; also handsome, but younger and perhaps more cocky. He is a warrior waiting on mission and her mother has supplied him with the spare bed until he is sent word of where he is needed. Story B - Being a young male in a family of famous war heroes can be taxing. All the expectations and requirements are exhausting. Sometimes he wishes he had a different life. Could the war just be won so he could be at peace and find his own purpose? However, after being sent off to his first mission and it ending well, he is sent to a family's home to give bad news that a husband and father have died. That's where he meets her--the gorgeous daughter of the dead samurai. And he suddenly wants nothing more than to be her warrior! But she's already in an arranged marriage with a smug samurai that's surrounded by suspicion of treason. Not to mention, there are bruises on her arms from his hard hands. He won't stand for this!

Thanks so much for visiting! ヾ(^∇^) ヾ(゚εÅ) βyё βyё☆彡

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