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Prologue: Dragon's Awakening

There was nothing, nothing at all: the deepest, darkest, all consuming oblivion. There was silence so complete that all memory of sound had been lost, all sense of self, of being, of existing - forgotten. All and every emotion was no longer conceivable. No thought. Nothing. Void.

        A sigh, into the silence, a whimper then a soft cry. Curiousity was born out of the void. Another sound greeted the nothingness; a groan and the hiss of breath thrust too forcefully from mortal lungs. Interest bloomed and so had Pleasure. Such beauty was there in the smallest sound as it rolled and slithered, in the smallest sense. The consciousness in the void exulted.

       Another gasp broke the dissolving peace of oblivion. There was a pause from which Uncertainty and Desperation birthed, and then there was an explosion of the most exquisite variety. Something so incredible that Wonder was born. It was the most amazing thing that dazzled, separated, glowed. Each particle was different, each unique and explicit as they swam, collided and blended. It was Colour out of nothingness, how beautiful, how simple, how wonderful it was to see!

       Slowly, the alluring loveliness became imaginable, shapes began to form and assert themselves. Understanding was conceived and Memory began to nag and struggle for release. Out of the spiraling colours appeared a small square opening, the walls were dull and darkness lingered even here. In the center of this space there squirmed a creature. It appeared frail and weak. Mortal. It’s limbs flailed and it’s cries tingled and danced through the air. How beautiful it was! This mortal pain.

       Contempt then was born, as was Malice which contended only with its twin – Revenge. Hatred blazed and seared as abhorrent memories invaded the innocence of the void. The little mortal uttered a scream of pure, scorching agony.

        Silver fire erupted and a suspended circle of crippling light destroyed the image, the mortal and the colours. Even sound was lost as the nothingness again began to encroach. No! Loathsome light forced back all sense, all joy, all sound and sight.

        But Malice and Revenge remained.
        Lōrken had Awakened once more.

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2005-07-31 [Mira Ravenheart]: Now, if that isn't confusing enough... >> Your welcome to ask questions

2005-08-01 [Crimson Mistress]: It's not that bad is it..?

2005-08-02 [Lady_Elowyn]: I loved that. You're a good writer. It all made perfect sense.

2005-08-02 [Mira Ravenheart]: Thank you *smiles*

2005-08-04 [Lady_Elowyn]: In fact, this entire RPG is the most detailed, most organized, and best written one I've ever found on elftown. It's amazing. I'm glad to be part of it.

2005-08-06 [Mira Ravenheart]: *flattered* I'm glad you like it. We should be starting soon.

2006-01-08 [Mira Ravenheart]: Note: If anyone can tell me what this means in relation to the RP (and all of its implications), I will award you 2 extra magic words.

2006-01-08 [Mira Ravenheart]: [Blood Raven] has already earned them. ^_^ Any other takers?

2006-01-10 [Blood Raven]: *proud* ^__^

2006-03-11 [Crimson Mistress]: And so has [Dark Adherent]!! Any other takers??

2006-03-14 [Dark Adherent]: =D I weeen! Haha...Took me long enough though ><

2006-03-14 [Prater]: I'm tryin to figure it out.....

2006-03-15 [Blood Raven]: I kinda liked thinking it over, so it didn't take me too long. I also read too many books :P

2006-03-17 [Mira Ravenheart]: Well now that you've joined in, [Blood Raven], you should be able to pick one more thing out of that. So keep thinking ^_~

2006-03-17 [Mira Ravenheart]: And btw, no giving hints you two >>

2006-03-17 [Dark Adherent]: I'll say not a word...other XD

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