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2008-12-11 08:48:06
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Ok everyone here is some poetry by my mom, i thought she deserved to be noticed for her work so here you go!


Swords And Hearts

Pain and Sorrow,
A lost Tomorrow.

Nothing is meant to last,
Just memories of the past.

Minds put to the test,
A body laid to rest.

Lives torn apart,
Swords and Hearts
-Sharon Boyd-Davis 09/99


I am your creation...
Similar to a sculptor,
You carved out my body and molded my mind.

I am your creation...
With creative eyes and skillful hands,
You formed an individual piece with many interpretations.

I am your creation...
As a master,
Many will view and appreciate your work.

Even though your work may never become a masterpiece,
It will always be an "objet d'art."
-Sharon Boyd-Davis, 1985

There Was A Man

There was a man,
Who took a stand.
To fight the good fight,
And defend my rights.
He went by land, air and sea,
To be all that he could be.
Through snow, rain, hail and sleet,
He went many a nights without any sleep.
He sacraficed his youth,
In search of the truth.
Those who never came home,
Are not forgotten nor left alone.
Because there are others,
Who have become their brothers.
And their lives were not in vain,
Because a man still remains.
And he will tell the story,
Of his brothers glory.
And history will say,
There once was a day.
When a man answered the call,
To defend us, one and all.
He selfishly gave his youth or his life,
So that i might enjoy my freedom and my rights.
-Sharon Boyd-Davis July 15, 2005


These are her Sayings & Quotes!

"Society is like a basketball, it bounces all around" -Sharon Boyd-Davis, 1985


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2008-12-13 [kyuuketsuki-chan]: thanks ^^ i have more of her stuff... but i cant type it all out :P

2008-12-13 []: why not? lol is it really that long?

2008-12-13 [kyuuketsuki-chan]: she has at least 5 more poems..(at least) and i cant even read them :P

2008-12-13 [She_Talks To_Rainbows]: this is really sweet of you to put all this up for your mom, they're lovely poems, I can see where you get you writing talent from^^

2008-12-13 [kyuuketsuki-chan]: :P thanks.... next thing i need to do is to put up her paintings and drawings..

2008-12-13 [She_Talks To_Rainbows]: awwww that's so wonderful^^

2008-12-13 [kyuuketsuki-chan]: :P

2008-12-14 [~*Crimson Rose*~]: those are awesome!

2008-12-14 [kyuuketsuki-chan]: ^^

2008-12-14 [Aquariuscelesti a]: these are relly great! thnx for inviting me! lol.....i see where your tallent comes from!!!!! It is an impossibility for me to write this well....^_^

2008-12-14 [kyuuketsuki-chan]: :P thankies ^^

2008-12-14 [wolf's_love]: that is kool

2008-12-14 [kyuuketsuki-chan]: ^^

2008-12-15 [Chaotix Palidien]: nice poems really props for your mom ^^ ;

2008-12-15 [kyuuketsuki-chan]: yup thanx ^^

2008-12-15 [Tragedy In Trend]: Oh thanks for the invite! This is a wonderfully sweet idea, and I really really liked the last one.

It reminds me of the whole dispute with the quakers, 'regular' society and segregation. Most quakers always believed that all people have a certain divine light that should be respected (at the least) so they were who normally housed during the railroad.

Anyhow, I'm sure you didn't need that history lesson but my fingers ran away in my thoughts - again, thanks for the invite!

2008-12-15 [kyuuketsuki-chan]: ^^ your welcome

2009-01-02 [KnightAngel]: Very beautiful poems, your mother is a very skilled poet ^^'

2009-01-02 [kyuuketsuki-chan]: thanks ^^ i got it from her actually... well.. i just type what comes to my mind... i just ..type it out...all the poems on my page i have written.. except one of them.

2009-01-16 [kasaix.x]: Thanx for the invite...she is really good at poetry...just like you! LOVE YOU Chase haha..

2009-01-16 [kyuuketsuki-chan]: YAY thankies ^^

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