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This wiki is set in the early days of the Galactic Empire, when the Old Republic was dissolved and the Jedi wiped out. So, as you can see, no Jedi characters allowed. It is possible to play a Force Adept, but you muct first be approved by the other existing members of the RP.

If you are interested in bringing in a character, you must contact [The Red Baron].

Pos - Rules of Gameplay
PoS - Dramatis Personae
Pos - Summary

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2006-01-16 [Lerune]: I was thinking of asking Naz about GMing and if he agrees, fine, if not then...well, I won't be difficult, but...I don't like where this RP is headed without structure and I feel like it will die out.

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: well, lets wait about what Naz has to say about it..

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: I just want to know what everyone thinks. Loth? Do you think I should say something to him?

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: Sure.

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: Any suggestions I should include? =oP

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: absolutely :)

2006-01-16 [The Red Baron]: (in a C3PO-like manner when Leia disguised as Boushh turned off the thermal detonator) He agrees!

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: Dramatically! lol...

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: I am making a wiki to summarize the slight changes. =o)

2006-01-16 [Yuriona]: Yay! You know I'm usually around if you need help with that Runey. ;)

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: Hey...if I move all this to a "characters" page and just have this as an intro wiki, would that make more sense?

2006-01-16 [Lothuriel]: yep

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: Center tags are fooked up again.

2006-01-16 [Lerune]: There -- THAT should fix thoise &(*)^$&^$ center tags. ;o) What do you guys think about the changes? If it sucks, I can fix it right back.

2006-01-16 [playslashwrite]: it looks great ^^ well done:d

2006-01-16 [Yuriona]: Oooo... I like it! Good job! :D

2006-01-17 [Lerune]: A LOT of work...and I need help on the summary part -- I thought everyone could add to it as we go. It will be easier for people to catch up when they are added.

2006-01-17 [The Red Baron]: Cool renewings. I like it, but it's only one emperor, so it's got to be Emperor's not Emperors' up there...

2006-01-17 [Lerune]: Fixed. =o)

2006-01-17 [Kileaiya]: I for one think a GM is an excellent idea :) and reorganizing the page is awesome too

2006-08-04 [dragon_master_25]: Hey peeps there is going to be a new Star Wars Rp starting, I'm one of the owners, its not up and going yet, but we're going to start getting the word out to all of you guys.

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