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2007-05-11 22:16:58
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My Poems

I will Upload my poems on this Page from now on i will still keep my old poems in my house but i will have a link to this page in the house

As the days passes my life fades into a shadow of my former self.

[Glory of love]

When light come to earth i missed it for i only saw your brigth aura of beauty. For when earth becomes dark when the sun dies i will still only see your grace that will shine on me until the day i die.

[Dieing is just little step in the long way for a soul]

When some thing dies thier soul will not go away it will just move on to an other place on earth for dieing is just a small step in the life of a soul.

[No Title]

When my beloved is in need of a Champion i will rush to her aid and defend her whit all my Migth and honor for i shall make sure her Grace shine truely for ever until day turns to nigth for then i shall i become the fallen one for my body and soul is cursed by the gods for they envy my love to my beloved one.

[No Title]
Love is for the weak
Love is for the fools
Love is for the young
Love is for the soft
Love is for the soul
Love is for the heroic

[Need of a hug]

When i'm sad and alone the sky turns gray no joy no love to find. All i want to do is die. For when you turned your back to my love and said those words to me all i wanted to do was to die right there. Every thing i see is gray my life has no point of i cant be whit you forever.

[Defenders of ligth]
we stand strong together forever in time of despair will we arise above all and defend the poor and the weak for we are the defenders of ligth for we choose to follow the path of Ligth to defend the weak and stand up against the aproaching Evil!

[ Gone whit a second ]
Life is cruel it can be taken away in a second no chance to avoid it no chance to undo it there is no ligth in the deaths of those close to you only sorrow that you cant understand no chance to avoid it no chance to undo it.

[ For my beloved Ace ]
Every time i behold upon your face my heart starts to race for i know when she looks upon my poor soul i know her gaze is filed whit the purest of love for i know that when i behold her glorys body and rigthous soul i know i made the rigth choice for when the evil covers the world and all hope is lost i will know where to find courage for you my beloved Ace will never fade out of my world.

==== Novels =======

[ a mages dairy or something ]
In a Kingdom far away where the lands are green in the summer and white in the winter. Where every one is happy. In this land of joy was a boy named Elo'dar who was a adept to a mage he had been liveing whit this mage since the mage found him on the street as a child. The mages name he learnt was Shardol. He was not sure it was the true name of this powerfull mage .(will add more soon)

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2007-05-01 [Forestman12]: Yaj my 4th all alone comment and this one is about my new fantasy andventure

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