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A few rules all submissions must follow, any submissions not following these rules will be removed.


Rule 1: Photomanipulations will be accepted as long as they aren't major changes. Things like a brightness adjustment or contrast or adding black borders are okay.

Rule 2: All photography must belong to the photographer, if it is found that someone is claiming to be the photographer and they are not, the photograph will be removed and they will be reported to the guards. I will not tolerate theives.

Rule 3: No random photographs off of the internet will be accepted. It must be your own work.

Rule 4: All photographs submitted must follow the uploading art rules, anything not following the UAR will be removed.

Rule 5: There is no photograph limit on the submissions but please for the love of God don't go adding thousands upon thousands of your photographs in one go.

Rule 6: All photographs must be uploaded onto Elftown.

Rule 7: Be nice and play fair on all pages of Photography Weekly, I don't want any bitchiness. Any assholish behaviour will result in me asking you to leave and if you continue, I will report you to the guards.


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