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2009-04-05 00:14:43
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So, I have a question. When did it become the cool thing to have a metal disorder? I can't simply house hop anymore without coming across 9 out of 10 pages that say "Oh, I'm depressed. I'm suicidal. I'm OCD. I'm bipolar. Blah blah blah." I can't stand it. I really can't.

And people who post that quiz result about mental disorders and how likely they are to have them. Note to all those stupid people, that quiz is for personality disorders, not mental disorders. You are not actually ill in the head. Take it from someone who knows.

If you're reading this and actually have a mental disorder, I apologize and suggest you don't take this to heart. I have a severe case of OCD and am so sick of people who have no idea what the disease actually does claiming they have it. Your little idea of what it is doesn't come close to the actual thing. It messes with me in ways that make my boss ask me everyday if I'm feeling up to work. So don't start with me about the counting/color/number/fantasy thing. Until you have to have a note taped to your register with tallies on it so you can count them when you get frustrated, or have to have sanitizer for your hand sanitizer dispenser, don't let me read you have OCD.

You aren't sick in the head. You don't need to tell people this. Stop wasting our time with your attention seeking shit and give us people who are actually ill a break.

Flisky's rant

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2010-03-28 [*Phoenix*]: ohhh, ooh! If this was facebook I would have "liked" this page; but it's not so I just fanned it! :0]

(Oh, that is a compliment, too. ^_-)

2010-03-30 [Flisky]: ^_^

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