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Nite Owl's Cast of Characters

Welcome! I figured it was about time I made a page for all these characters floating about in various roleplays, so for your ease and mine here it is! People (and things) of all shapes, sizes, species, and places, all stashed right here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and if you see someone you especially like for your own RP, don't be afraid to ask!

Note: Some of these get a little...confusing...and not ALL of the people I've ever played are listed simply because they weren't all that important. Those without actual character pages I'll link to where the bio is under Roleplay. Also, some of these characters were slightly modified and reused in other roleplays, in which case they probably have two different write-ups. Be sure to read them as individuals, though, because they are indeed different people.


Current Character Count: 27

Character Roleplay Gender Species Typical Genre
Abraham BorkowskiThe Adventures of the Audacious SeptetMaleHumanFantasy (Steampunk)
Adam Finch (Night Bird Bios)Songs of the Night Bird*MaleHumanModern/Fantasy
Adrian Smith (Captive Fire Birds)Captivating the Fire BirdMaleHumanModern/Fantasy
Agatha “Sage” Crowell (When Angels Form)When Angels Fly: The RPFemaleHuman (altered)Fantasy
Amras TaralomThe Forest of DarknessMaleHumanFantasy
Anastasia "Anna" Dag'nir (Night Bird Bios)Songs of the Night BirdFemaleHumanModern/Fantasy
Charles HopkinsLily Tivet*MaleHumanFantasy
Clara MurchensonDefeat of the DuelistFemaleHumanFantasy
Dare'sciethnaThe LegionFemaleHumanoid (unknown)Fantasy
Dihena "Mouse"The Forest of DarknessFemaleHumanFantasy
Fianna Laverock (Captive Fire Birds)Captivating the Fire BirdFemaleHumanModern/Fantasy
Hossny Meneferna (When Angels Form)When Angels Fly: The RPMaleHuman (altered)Modern/Fantasy
Iuan "Mole" Gar'Avloh*The Forest of DarknessMaleHumanFantasy
Jack "Jay" FinchLily TivetMaleHumanFantasy
Jack Finch (Night Bird Bios)Songs of the Night BirdMaleHumanModern/Fantasy
Joshua Hughes (Captive Fire Birds)Captivating the Fire BirdMaleHumanModern/Fantasy
Jovathias "Night Fox" ArtinjThe Forest of Darkness*MaleHumanFantasy
Katrana "Hedgehog” HuiisanThe Forest of Darkness*FemaleHumanFantasy
Kahanai-de (AWLFCharsAWLF RoleplayFemaleArantiFantasy
Keara "K" ScathachThe LegionFemaleHumanFantasy
Marcus Machitis IIIThe LegionMaleHumanFantasy
Mathias Latri'sanThe Forest of DarknessMaleHumanFantasy
Nathan Daniels (Captive Fire Birds)Captivating the Fire BirdMaleHumanModern/Fantasy
Nichelle AmienesLily TivetFemaleHumanFantasy
SarenThe Forest of DarknessFemaleDrowFantasy
Shyakon "Snake" ZuaniethkirThe Forest of Darkness/Official Role-Playing Tournament*MaleYuan-tiFantasy/Sci-Fi
Yalesigna DelonsseThe LegionFemaleHumanFantasy

* = a character used in another RP not listed

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