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2005-11-14 16:10:36
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Translations of the news 333

To read in Spanish: News333-Spanish by [Patri].
To read in Dutch: News333-Dutch by [Yncke].
To read in German: News333-German by [Sue Falkenkralle])
To read in Finnish: News333-Finnish by [Linderel]
To read in Italian: News333-Italian (done by [Teufelsweib])
Please add your name if you translated the news.


See Translations if you want to help with these translations.

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2005-10-31 [Sunrose]: You don't have to edit this page to show you're translating it: you can edit the translationpage so that none others can edit it while you are busy translating. And then after you're done, you write your name here. OR since you are going to translate anyway, you can just add your name here right away and translate it :P

2005-10-31 [Linderel]: ^.^

2005-11-01 [Patri]: OK. I thought the other way was more clear...

2005-11-01 [Sunrose]: Hmm well if you really prefer it this way :) *hugs*

2005-11-01 [Patri]: Nah, it's okay jejeje ;-)

2005-11-01 [Sunrose]: omg ur from da hood! sup dawg?? word! ΓΌ

2005-11-01 [Patri]: O_o I didn't get what you wrote above, sorry!!!!!! *ashamed... face turns red*

2005-11-01 [Sunrose]: XD

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