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2013-07-04 21:32:55
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2013-07-08 [Elwyne]: pretty flowers!

2013-07-08 [blaze_rocket]: These are beautiful! Well done!

2013-07-08 [Gastogh]: (^.^)b

2013-07-08 [Elwyne]: I think my Dad wants to live in Montana. If it all looks like this then I can see why. It looks like a very lovely place to live.

2013-07-08 [kathryn lee]: thank you for sharing  your work is amazing!!

2013-07-08 [JINKS MAN]: Your all welcome. I'm glad everyone like the photos! ^_^

2013-07-16 [kians mummy]: These are Woow

2013-07-17 [JINKS MAN]: I'm glad you like them kians mummy. ^_^

2013-07-23 [Kbird]: *dies of beauty overdose * +_+

2013-07-24 [JINKS MAN]: NNNNNooooo Wake up Kbird! *Starts CPR*
I'm glad you like them Kbird. ^_^

2013-07-26 [Kbird]: *comes back to live* where do you take the pictures at?

2013-07-26 [efe54y4hw34]: I didn't ask to be invited because I don't know you but here: Close ups of flowers in the foreground with a fuzzy background isn't going to make you a pro or insightful.

2013-07-26 [JINKS MAN]: Angel of Insouciance I'm sorry you feel that way. Forgive me if I offend you. For the records, I never stated that I was a Pro or insightful, I've always stated things in my opinion. I just using a simple digital camera that a person can pick up anywhere I'm not trying to be perfect, I'm just sharing with everyone what I like to do in my past time, you don't have to like me or know me but you will respect me and my photography.

2013-07-26 [JINKS MAN]: Kbird they were taken in Montana in the Mountains not to far anyway from a little town called Helmville.

2013-08-10 [Anaranë Telrúnya]: These are beautiful :D .. I like taking flower pics at the park with my kids just for fun but these are better.

2013-08-11 [JINKS MAN]: Thank you Anaranë Telrúnya. I'm glad you you like them ^_^.

2013-09-18 [Umy]: Beautiful

2013-09-19 [JINKS MAN]: Thank you, I'm glad you like them. ^_^

2013-09-19 [Umy]: Your welcome :)

2016-10-10 [rot10]: [3 years later......just checking et again xD]
sooo pretty!!

2016-12-03 [JINKS MAN]: Thank You, mourning star! ^_^

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