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   Hello! This is Alex['Lexy]! I'm the lead singer of Midnight Sun, a band based in Pittsburgh PA. This is our book of songs. If I even hear that these songs are stolen you'll get a lawsuit slapped on your ass. We invest in PAID FOR copyrights. You'll have to pay for them^^. So enjoy. I like our songs. I'll also have other band info on here soon!


Songbook 1 First One! ^^


Wanna be a fan? Like what ya see? Go ahead and join us!^^


Want to tell me what you think? Maybe mention something that could be fixed? Anything you wanna see or help us with? Tell me (well us) here!^^

The Band Central

This is where you can look who our members are any upcoming news and stuff like that. This will be a work in progress for a while.^^ Lots of detail here.^^

Midnight Sun Banners

We don't have any yet. Sorry, but if you want to make some go ahead. Show us your artistic side. This is an emoscreamo band so we like black, red, purple, and yellow! Thanks!^^

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