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Momenti Moments (a poem in Russian/English


Momenti lyubvi nahodyat nas raspustivshimisya
i razvivshimisya,
Ya pokoryon tvoe y sush'nosti v polnom smirenii.
Tvoyo prikosnoveniye prinosit spokoystviye,
Tvoyo dihanie prinosit tainstvo,
Tvoya lyubov"
pomogayet mnye sush'estvovat'


moments of love find us
dissolving and expanding
I am submitted
to your very essence
in full humbleness of awe
simplicity surrenders me
totally to the love
you touch and make Holy
you breathe and make sacred you
love and I exist

by origionalmerlin

Mnogiye veshi (Many things )

Mnogiye veshi
vipali iz moyevo vnimaniya i fokusa
iz-za tvoyey lyubvi.
V pyerviye u myenya
yest' svoboda lyubit',
lyubya tyebya Moyi glaza - tvoi,
ya vyes' tvoy.

Many things
have fallen away
from my attention
and focus
all is made light by you
all is made in love by you
banal words
can only point
no other attracts me
as i find
for the first time
i have the freedom to love
by loving you
my eyes are yours
my all is yours

by origionalmerlin

Author's Comments:

Hold my hand often (a poem in Russian and English)


Dyerzhi moi ruki, pribliz' menya k svoemu telu, Bud' so mnoy v kazhdom snye, I budi svoim

poseluyem Slushay kak stuchit moyo syerdse poka nye osoznayesh, shto yego rtim takoy-zhe kak

i u tebya. Ya budu dyerzhat' tvoi ruki chasto, priblizhat' tyebya k moyemu telu S lyubov'yu

v moyey dushe. Ya budu vidyet' tyebya v moih snah, i budit' poseluyem, Ya budu slushat kak

stuchit tvoyo syerdse, osoznavaya sto ritm tochno takoy-zhe kak i u myenya


Hold my hand often
hold me close
and closer
Hunt me in love
and capture
Dream me each sleep
Kiss me awake
(and we shall Pamper love eternally..)
for my heartbeat
till you
the rhythm is the same
as your own

I will hold your hand
and hold you close
and closer
I shall seek you in love
meeting in love
with my souls love
greeting you.
I dream
you each sleep
and kiss you awake
I listen
for your heartbeat
till I
the rhythm is
the exact same
as my own.

by origionalmerlin

Author's Comments:

OZ isn't me

said the scarecrow to the tin man
i don't know where to start
said the tin man to the scarecrow
i just don't have the heart
under the rainbow the lion crys again
i haven't the courage to do this thing
don't know how to start at all, or even when
i am no toto
and Dorthy is a fiction
i don't do no no-no's
i just use my pen

by origionalmerlin

Author's Comments:

Anthem to a bronze angel being soldered onto a baroque trumpet.

to Derwood Crocker master early music instrument maker in aurora N.y.

Angels shall sing thee to rest my love
and Angels shall sing thee to rest
Heart beating wildly too soon shall be still
Angels shall sing thee to rest my love
and Angels shall sing thee to rest
and those I have loved throughout my life
recall that I love'd thee best

by origionalmerlin

Author's Comments:
"i wrote this back in the old shop in Windsor new york...for a friend of Derwoods who met a tragic and unfortunate end..

July 2,2005

Like a Gypsy of the desert
you bring me the water of life
Presenting in my face
the lifting of my heart
laughter and flowers
You constantly amaze me
you are soooo sweet
I see your soul and am not
(i see you at the center of all
loving me)
you are you no one else is
that is beauty
may our prayers always be
our love for each other
let our prayer be to
love each other more...

by origionalmerlin

Author's Comments:


Have you once thought:
"Are we Camelot
or an Atlantice
unclaimed by the sea"?

What more is time
'cept some poet's rhyme?
A song to step to
when you're loved true..

by origionalmerlin

Author's Comments:
"this was my first poem.. i was seven..from hence came Origionalmerlin...

Confucius's Computer 

a smile for my Lady

Lao Tzu
and and Li-Po
on Confucius's
reach Satori
achieving Zen...
while in Himalayas
Bhuddist Bodhisattva's
reaching Enlightenment
all from within

by origionalmerlin

Author's Comments:

For All My Life

to the wonderful Lady whom I love and the best daughter in the world

if ever I am reduced to nothing
only one thing will remain
this love for wife and daughter
as promised
shall never change

by origionalmerlin

Author's Comments:
"off to the county fair..."


and the impossible happens
no matter what

by origionalmerlin

Author's Comments:
"so much more life to live"

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2008-01-19 [Nives]: wow how do you do that?

2008-02-20 [¬°Soy Bekah!]: u wroteall of these?

2008-02-20 [Merlin Mab]: yep
 more at the link at bottom of page

2008-08-03 [lioneye]: saw some of your poems their not bad<img:stuff/m-jpg.gif>

tell me. compared to english is russian easier to work with
does it have more room for creatveity<img:stuff/quesN-gif.gif>

2008-08-09 [Merlin Mab]: lol it is hell going back and forth.. the hardest part is synthisis the only way to explain is  have a poem in thought (without language) an then translate it into two different languages , it is easiest that way

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