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Merlin Mab's Lists

Books and Authors List

   Enders Game (Orson Scott Card)
   Steppenwolf (Hermann Hesse)
   J.O.B. (A Comedy of Justice)
   Thomas Paine
   Dodgson (Lewis Carroll)
   Awakening Osiris
   Stranger in a Strange Land
   The Chronicles of Amber
   Puck of Pook's Hill (by Kipling)
   The Wheel of Sharp Weapons
   Mr. God this is Anna
   Mything Link (all Robert Aspirin )
   (all JRR Tolkiens Writings
   Book of Five Rings
   The Ramayanna
   The Upanishands
   The Bible
   The Koran
   The Tibetan Book of the Dead
   Cows Pigs Wars and Witches
   The Book of Blarney
   Neitzhe all of his Zauthrustra
   The Glass Bead Game (Hermann Hesse)
   The Wretched of the Earth
   Ann Rice
   Compendium of Ways of Knowing
   Sky Dancer
   The Thanka Book
   The Encyclopedic Culinary Dictionary
   Stanislaw Lem
   The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
   Chuang Tzu
   Li Po
   Sybil Leek
   Carlos Castaneda
   A Midsummers Night Dream
   Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
   The Little Prince
   The White Goddess
   Walden II
   Thomas Moore
   Just So Stories
   Fart Proudly
   You Cant Get There From Here
   The Poems Of Robert Service
   The Decameron
   The Canterbury Tales
   Tao Te Ching
   Miss Manners

Music List

  Julian Breeme
  John Henry Dowland
  Ewan Mcall
  Derwood Crocker
  Waverly Consort
  Hamsa El Din
  John Williams
  S.O.C. (streams of consciousness)
  Gyuto School Monks
  Ravi Shankar
  Hank Williams
  Louis Armstrong
  Tom Waits
  Flamingo (songs and music)
  Lee Scratch Perry
  Frank Sinatra
  George Harrison
  Miles Davis
  Fugees (Vocab)
  Ian Hunter
  cat mother and the all night newsboys
  Ritchie Havens
  Bobby Helms
  Patsy Cline
  Manhattan Transfer (soul food to go)

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2008-01-10 [Dragonrider]:
I send you this link, for the beauty of their music, hope you can do something with it. Band is Dutch, Omnia is the name, pagan celt music.

2008-01-19 [Merlin Mab]: Thanks i love modern music(smiles)..(loved the vid.)

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