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2009-10-05 19:14:01
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Me, Myself, And maybe some I


/ [Beautifully Corrupted Black Rose]

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2010-05-01 [the ack]: she is very lovely xoxo

2011-03-16 [The Reverend]: thats an understatement...

2011-03-20 [Beautifully Corrupted Black Rose]: haha whatever you say

2011-04-22 [The Reverend]: thats what i thought :p see, if its w/e i say, then i do like cheese more then you hahaha

2011-04-22 [the ack]: id love to have her in front of my camera

2011-04-23 [The Reverend]: yeah, we'll go with the

2011-05-06 [Beautifully Corrupted Black Rose]: bahaha you boys are funny :P

2011-05-06 [The Reverend]: were about as funny as you are your right, we are funny lol

2011-05-06 [the ack]: hey i am a part time photographer i do photos lol

2011-05-07 [The Reverend]: dude, you should keep your bathroom secrets...a secret lol

2011-05-07 [the ack]: lol not much of a secret i been publshed alot

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