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(Mayor Badge by [carmen])

There is no need of description. It is him, the unique, the wisest, the most spectacular...(Meaow) Yes Lilo, the most funny also!... he is... our Mayor



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2006-08-13 [spymom]: I am a member of elftown, as is my three children. I uploaded a picture of my son graduation and got a message accross the top that stated "I hope you didn't upload porn or any illegal images." Porn should not have been mentioned all. Giving some teen the ideas, they might try to do so. As an adult, using elftown to communitcate to my children on a regular basis, I would never upload anything that is that distasteful or illegal. I wish I could upload more than one picture,being a mom of three, but I am satified with one.

2006-08-14 [Nita]: You can upload as many pictures as you want (as long as you follow the Uploading Art Rules) :)

2006-08-30 [XC Girl]: I was wondering if you could respond in a message because it takes my computer a while to get here. on my page, there is the warning that i uploaded illegal images. last year, i was trying to ward off a pervert by finding the ugliest possible person on google as i could. only for about a day or two. and now, a year later, im still getting annoying messages from people saying you better stop. i was wondering if it was possible to take it off....please respond soon

2006-08-31 [Sunrose]: Th SS-comment has been removed :)

2007-02-25 [cheeckylass]: hello mayor im new to elftown andwant to get started and would like to help you in some way so i can urn badges

2007-03-24 [Sunrose]: This discussion here is over: everything has already been said, here as well as in personal messages. Therefore all previous and new comments will be deleted considering this is not even the right place for it.

2007-03-25 [Calico Tiger]: I'm adding to this discussion for everyone else who may have similar situations :) For those who claim that a celebrity really is a friend of their's, it's very easy to prove it. Have you in a photo with them holding up a sign (a piece of paper) that says your user name and that you love Elftown :)

2007-03-25 [Calico Tiger]: And thus, btw, the celebrity photo actually has you in it, thus having something to do with you (who we really care about).

2007-03-25 [Sunrose]: Thing is I kind of already explained matters to her when I removed the images months ago >_<

[63978325@] Sent 2006-10-09 08:05:22
Information about them can actually be found online, so I beg to differ.
If they're your friends, it shouldn't be too hard to get into a picture with them yourself :)

[63980159@] Sent 2006-10-09 13:26:11
Their approval won't make a difference: You can only have them on your house if you have your picture taken with them.

[63996435@] Sent 2006-10-09 22:29:44
I already explained this to you: the band is well known enough to be considered celebrities and are therefore against the Uploading Art Rules.
Unless you are in the picture with them. Which, as said, shouldn't be a problem, considering you're such good friends with them! :)

[64007261@] Sent 2006-10-10 10:08:32
Considering they can be found online, they fall under well known.
You could always upload that image elsewhere, and then put it on a wikipage.

2008-07-09 [OONA]: maybe ive come to the wrong place...but anyways... why is it that i dont have to log in anymore...i type in and it comes straight to mainstreet and not the big picture you get when you have to login.

2008-08-10 [Nita]: Unless you click "Log out" or close your browser window, Elftown will log you out only after 1 month of inactivity, according to your current setting. You can change this setting on your personal data page :)

2008-08-11 [OONA]: oh yeah i kinda figured that after the fact. but thnx anyways

2009-05-08 [Thunder Cid]: Didn't the Administration get removed?

2009-05-08 [SilverFire]: Yes, ta. Fixed. :)

2013-09-09 [deletemyaccount dammit]: Hi,
I wish to delete my unused account but there seems to be no means to do that. Please help. I don't want my username and an empty account lingering somewhere on the web.

2013-09-09 [Teufelsweib]: delete all the content on your account, change your username, stop logging in, problem solved!
you can't delete the actual account.

2017-01-23 [kians mummy]: Hello [Hedda]

I think we should try get the site back up, we just need to work out how, entertainment, more games, wikis, projects, how to make this more fun.



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