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Matsuo Asuka and Friends

The list was getting too long, and instead of choosing not to acknowledge all of my friends publicly, I have moved you all to a wiki page, which saves me space on my house too. Here's the list, in a slightly different format, but still in the same order. New names shall still be added as I make new friends. I love you all!


[Graceless Bella Swan]

[~Satanirary The Dead~]


[Firesong k'Treva]


[The Vampire Armand]





[-/De La Mour\-]


[Beyond Blood]


[.xGirl Hearts Crayons]


[Shane Alan]

[Obscure Enigma]



[Vanquished Demon]


[Magical Trevor.]

[~Crimson Angel~]

[Thunder Cid]

[the simphany tree]

[Hiro hyn hîdh ab 'wanath]

[The Frozen Alchemist]

[napalm sticks to kids]








[Hikaru Hitachiin]



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