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This is to tell the tale of what happened when a necromancer brought Haku and Zabuza Momochi back to life, and their second chance at love.

A lone figure sighed softly as bright yellow eyes looked over the two simple graves. "What a waist of life." He turned to his companion. "Genji, help me dig these two up. The kit will be happy once he sees these two alive again."

The man's companion yawned widely, "Did we have to come so early in the morning?" Genji said looking at Kavi.

Kavi snorted softly and gave him a teasing smirk. "You wouldn't be so tired if you weren't pining over Adrian and how much you missed him."

Genji blushed brightly, "I-I didn't think about Adrian last night, you don't know how I spent my night, so shut up!" He said as he started to dig with a tomato red face.

Kavi threw his head back as he laugh loudly. "Your face says otherwise, kid." He crouched down and started to dig up the other grave. "And I know you've been stealing glances towards Adrian every now and then." He glanced over at the other through his bangs. "You don't live as long as me without noticing every little thing that's going around."

Genji's face was still red, "J-Just shut up about it." He said as he finished unearthing Haku.

Kavi gave him a sly smirk that told Genji that the teasing wouldn't be over by a long shot. He turned his attention back to unearthing the powerful swordsman. He frowned when he noticed the wounds on both bodies. "I'll have to deal with the major wounds before bringing them back or they could die again."

"Yeah, it would appear so." Genji said glad that the subject had changed even for a moment.

Kavi sighed softly and slowly pulled the swordsman's lifeless body from the shallow grave. "Once we get back I'll have Thomas prepare rooms for them while I get together." He glanced over at his friend. "And you can run off to spend time with Adrian."

"I don't know where he is, Misty took him to some amusement park." Genji said pulling Haku from his grave gently.

Kavi frowned slightly. "Why would she do that? The kid is still afraid of large crowds." He hefted Zabuza's body onto his back and hunched over slightly to get him settled comfortably.

"She convinced him by telling him she'd protect him, and if she failed she'd be his slave for a week." Genji said picking Haku up effortlessly.

Kavi just shook his head. "She better protect him or I'll let Ketaki deal with her. For some reason my sister is acting like a mother hen towards Adrian."

"Really?" Genji said looking at Kavi interestedly.

"Yeah. I find it rather strange. Ketaki has never acted like a mother hen towards anyone." Kavi shifted Zabuza slightly as he started to head back the way they came. "I think that mermaid is rubbing off on her."

"You mean Hisa?" Genji asked following Kavi with Haku in his arms.

"That's the one," said Kavi. "Her brother has calmed down that pirate incubus a lot. At times I like it, but other times I don't."

"Why not?" Genji asked still walking.

"He doesn't fight as much as he used to." Kavi sighed softly. "I haven't been in a good fight with him in more than a month."

"Sorry, about that." Genji said walking. "Are we almost back to the portal thing?"

"Yeah. Just beyond that group of trees." Kavi jerked his head in the direction of said trees.

"Great, I can't wait to get back." Genji said picking up his speed a little.

Kavi just smirked slightly as he followed after the other. "You just want to see your little Adrian."

"Th-That's not it." Genji said his stomach letting out a low growl, after which Genji blushed.

Kavi laughed loudly. "Want some of Thomas' cooking or would you rather have Adrian cook for you in his cute little pink apron?"

Genji's face turned even redder and he didn't answer, he just walked faster.

Kavi grinned widely as he followed, keeping a steady pace.

"There it is." Genji said seeing the portal just ahead.

"Yeah." Kavi notice that a small red fox was sniffing at the barrier he had placed to keep others away from the portal. "And I believe we have company."

Genji saw the fox, "It would appear so, what do we do?"

Kavi just shrugged. "You're a canine. Go and talk to it."

Genji sighed, "Alright fine." He said walking over.

Kavi chuckled softly.

The fox continued to sniff at the barrier. He pawed at it in curiosity.

"Hi there little fella." Genji said to the fox sitting a few inches away with Haku in his arms.

The small fox turned his attention to Genji and sniffed the air. He gave a little yip and ran over to the other when he smelt the wolf's scent.

Genji smiled, "I'm Genji, and you seem curious about our portal."

The fox gave another yip and ran back over to the barrier, pawing at it some more.

Genji chuckled, "That's how me and my friend get back home, we're not from here."

The fox titled his head in a questioning manner.

"We're from another dimension, we can travel to different places with portals. My friend is a necromancer, he came to bring this boy and his friend back to life." Genji said looking at Haku.

The fox walked back over and sniffed at Haku's hand. He whimpered and gently butted his head against his hand.

"Such a horrible and sad way to die, yet sweet." Genji said looking at Haku's face.

"It is," said Kavi as he walked over to them. "But they will be together again soon."

"Yeah, which is a happy thing." Genji said smiling looking from Haku, to Kavi, then to the little fox.

Kavi shook his head and headed towards the portal. "Let's go, Genji, and bring that fox along."

"How am I supposed to carry it when I'm carrying Haku?" Genji asked.

"The fox is smart. He'll just follow us," said Kavi, before he stepped into the portal.

The fox gave a soft yip and ran towards the portal, jumping into it.

"Well, that's one way." Genji said chuckling as he went through the portal.

Kavi smirked at Genji as he made his way through the portal. "About time." He glanced at the portal when it closed and disappeared. "Let's go." He started to head towards the house with the fox running around him and yipping at this and that.

Genji chuckled, "Someone's excited."

"I want to get this over and done with. Haku smells like one of Gilbert's kin, but I can't be sure until he's alive." Kavi glanced down at the fox. "And I think that little one is just excited about being in a new place."

"Yeah, I bet." Genji said chuckling. "Maybe Isaac can get the fox to talk."

"Don't remind me. Aizen won't stop talking about all of the places he wants to take over," said Kavi with a shiver. "He's just as bad as the shinigami he's named after."

"Yeah, that's true." Genji said walking into the house after Kavi.

Kavi sighed softly and made his way up the stairs. He shifted Zabuza and slid the back door open.

Genji smiled at Kavi's back as he followed him.

Kavi wandered into the house and headed through the kitchen, then into the living room and up the stairs.

Genji was right behind him, he chuckled as the little fox bounded up the stairs too yipping excitedly.

The little fox ran down the stairs, pausing to sniff here and there.

Kavi shook his head and stopped at the door of his lab. "Could you open it?"

A young girl with brown hair came down the hall sniffling, "Hi guys, been out grave digging again?" She asked opening Kavi's lab door for them.

"Yeah." Kavi paused in mid-step as the fox ran into the room. "We got these two from Naruto's world."

Misty sniffled, put her glasses on and looked closer at the two, "OH! That's Haku and Zabuza!" She said excitedly. "Where'd that fox come from?"

"He followed us here. I think he has grown attached to Haku," said Kavi as he slipped into the room and over to his circle. He laid Zabuza down and rolled his shoulders.

Genji followed Kavi into the room.

"Want me to take the fox to hang out with Isaac while you bring them back?" Misty asked whipping her nose. "Stupid allergies!" She mumbled.

"Please and thank you. It will take some time since I'll have to rest between reviving them." Kavi rubbed at his back some. "Isaac might have something to help with your allergies."

"I hope so, me and Adrian were having fun at the amusement park till some prissy girl came walking by wearing lavender perfume!" Misty said growling.

"Sorry about that, I know how you're allergic to lavender." Genji said.

"You'll probably want to stay out of my lab for a while after the ritual. I tend to use lavender," said Kavi.

"Oh, alright then, come here little one, I'll get you a snack." Misty said to the fox who was curiously sniffing a box in the corner.

The fox gave a small yip and happily ran over to her.

Kavi sighed softly and went over to the box. He picked it up and placed it on a shelf, out of the fox's reach.

Misty picked the fox up and giggled, "Alright let's go get you a snack." She said carrying the fox out of the room shutting the door behind her.

Genji chuckled, "Want me to find Thomas to heal them?"

"Please and thank you. He should be with Joey." Kavi started to gather the ingredients for the ritual.

Genji left the room in search of Thomas, "I'll try the library, he loves that place." he said aloud to himself as he started towards the library.

Kavi sat the bowl of herbs on the table and started to create two large circles of salt around the bodies and emblem. He then grabbed his hat and searched through it for his favorite dagger.

Genji peeked in the library and saw Thomas and Joey having tea, he pushed the door all the way open and entered.

"Oh, hello Genji." Joey said hearing the door open.

Thomas gave him a small wave and sat his tea cup down. "Hello, Genji. What brings you here?"

"Hello guys. Thomas, Kavi dug up two guys this morning and he needs you to heal them before he brings them back." Genji replied.

Thomas sighed softly and finished off the rest of his tea. He leaned over and kissed Joey's cheek. "I'll be back in a few minutes, luv."

"Alright, I'll be here." Joey said smiling.

Genji opened the door for Thomas, "Do you need me, if not I think I'll go see how the little fox is."

"You can go ahead. It will take some time to get them fixed up, depending on the damage," said Thomas.

"Ok, cool." Genji said smiling as he left.

Thomas gave his lover one last smile before he left the library and headed for Kavi's lab.

Misty was in the kitchen playing with Isaac and the little fox when Genji walked in.

"Hi guys, how's the fox doing?" Genji asked.

"Hi Genji, the fox is doing just fine actually, after I fed him Isaac walked in and found him." Misty said.

Isaac was giggling as he play wrestled with the fox.

Genji smiled, "I'm glad to hear it. Thomas just went to help Kavi."

Isaac laughed as he was talked to the floor by the fox. "Did Kav-Kav bring back people from your trip?"

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