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2007-11-18 05:43:10
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Hi if your here must mean theres a reason for you to be. I created this page because i can't have more then 10 pics on my page.

First up is My Friends:

[Today, McFly.]My bestest friend in the world I don't think there is any thing I wouldnt tell her.

[deletedfuckoff] Been one of my best friends since 2nd grade and still is.

[10000 fists] Another one of my best friends there isnt any one I've met who can draw better then him.

[Sad Lonely Angel] She can be a bit odd at times but then again any one who isnt odd is just wierd.

Mandi! Mandi moved away Freshman year she's closer now tho.

Now my so-called "Art":

Linden Korlin the main Chara of my story as well as my persona

Naru Frais this is Linden's GF

Linden Kwar form

Things I made in AutoCad 2006 and Autodesk

dice that i am very very proud of

my house i designed 2nd most proud of thing i made

hope you enjoed your stay bye-bye and go here

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2006-05-08 [Mana]: you're a good artist ^^

2006-05-08 [Aztyn Korlin]: thanks

2008-07-28 [Dragon Wolf]: gosh that is an old pic of my mike....need to change it >.< put on up of me and isnt that pic back from like my sophmore years in high school?

2008-07-29 [Aztyn Korlin]: i will i will

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