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Start under this line!! GO!!!!!

August eyed herself in the mirror she was holding, looking over the new lines of her face for the millionth time. She had been living many years, more than most humans would die to see, and would still be considered a child in her race. Her long auburn hair russled in the wind on her back, the semi-curls dancing around her face. Her soft hands were up at her ears, fingering the curve of the tip. There was once a very angular tip, but it had been removed. She let her hand fall, and glanced up at the moon and it's reflection on the pavement. She dropped the mirror she was holding without another thought, the glass shattering in the street just below the curb she was perched on. "Dinner..." Her adoptive mother called out to her from the front door. "I made your favorite..." August, who looked as if she were seventeen, stood and moved gracefully into the house.

Alex yawned and scratched his chin, I wonder if things will speed up this late. He looked around the almost empty coffee/internet lounge and sighed, "Well I can at least not complain about the pay..." He smiled to himself and picked up a pen and started doodling on a napkin.

August had always been a quiet girl, so much that the woman who had adopted her pushed her into going to the dances, the football games, the anything. Tonight, after she had eaten dinner, her mother drove her down to a small cafe. "Get to know someone, Honey, it can't hurt." August fingered the scars on her ears and stood, walking into the cafe. The smell of coffee attacked her nose immeadiatly, and she crunched her face. She walked up to the counter, all to aware of how graceful her approach was. "Can I get a hot chai please?" She asked, her voice sounding almost foreign. She was aware of that too, the slight slur of her voice. She bit at her lips while she waited for the chai, and when it was presented to her, she absently walked outside. There was a breeze rustling the tree's around her, and she pulled her sweater tighter. She sat lightly on a bench just inside of the town park, and watched as people still walked, played. She sipped her chai, and bit at the inside of her lips absently.

As Marche Ran thorugh the streets of New York he came aross the Park and dashed into the bushes. sniffing he felt his stomach ache again hungry for food. He followed the smell to the cafe across the sreet and as he tutned his kanine head he saw a girl alone on the bench as he aproched her, her sent was different from the other humans he crossed by. Her's was stronger and yet exotic as it danced around in his nose along with the drink in her hands he came up to the trash can not but ten feet from her watching her carfully and dumbed it. As the can fell he looked at the girl again before returning his atention to the metal container that hopfully held his next meal.

August lifted her head when she heard the trashcan fall over. She watched a wolf push through the trash, nipping at certain items before moving on. There was a huge lump of sympathy welling in her, her light blue eyes carefully watching the wolf. She pulled the cap off of her now cool chai and set it down next to the trash can, her eyes never leaving the animal.

As the girl set down her drink Marche jumped back with his tail between his legs and his head low to the ground. With her blue eyes starring at him his very blue eyes flashed with the human aspect of him as it happened alot and was out of his control.I hope i don't have to bite her, she seems nice, But well I'm hungry and she may know what I am...

August kneeled on the cement next to the trashcan and started to pull out peices of trash. "I wont hurt you." She promised, feeling utter idiocracy filling in her for talking to an animal who just needed a meal. "You look as if you run alone, and I don't have any friends either.." She found a piece of a left over corn dog and pulled it off the stick. It was still a pretty good peice, a bite for the wolf. She held it out on the palm of her hand and hoped the wolf was friendly.

Marche still cowering slowly came closer to her still with his eyes locked with hers he took the piece of corndog and swollowed it without chewing. far so good....i wonder if she has anyfood..... Walking closer this time he smelled her hand and then her arm and then started to sniff her aura around her still skittish he jumped at her slight movments.

Alex sighed as he locked up the coffee shop. Another slow one....but then again it's always slow. He walked down the street and decided to go through the park on a whim, it had been awhile since he had seen a proper tree. He smiled as he strolled beneath an oak and let its leaves wash over him.

August lifted her head, hearing another person nearing them. Her back straightened, and her eyes danced around to see who it was. It was the boy from the coffee shop. She lifted her hand slowly, a form of a hello. More than she had ever done before in her life.

Alex looked in the direction of the wave and smiled as he saw the last customer of the night at the coffee shop. Making his way over he stodd a little aways from her and the large wolf-like dog that was with her. He eyed it a moment with a curious glance before smiling again to the girl, "Hello, it's nice to see you again." he was pleasantly surprised to see her. The way she had walked out of the shop after getting her coffee made him think it was a dream.

"And you too." August said, looking up at him with her ice blue eyes. She gestured to the bench she was sitting on, smiling up at Alex. "You can sit next to me, if you like."

Alex smiled and sat down next to her, his crystal blue eyes sparkling with curiosity. "Thank you, I was going to go for a walk but I think I've changed my mind."

August laughed. "It's nice to get out and sit in the park sometimes."

Alex smiled, "It is, it has been awhile for me though." he grew silent and his eyes went back to another time.

"I do it often. I don't have many friends." August replied.

Alex's eyes darted up and he smiled, "Well fair maiden, you have made a friend on this night." he rose from the bench and gave her a bow, and then looked at her smiling.

As the two talked Marche got closer to the two smelling them. As he was he found both had a different smell to them. The girl had a exocic smell that of pine trees and spices and the man had the tingling smell of metal and coffee..

August looked down to the wolf, and put out her hand to pet him between the ears. "So, how are you?"

Alex didn't know if the question was directed to him or the wolf, so he remained silent a moment, I really need to shower, I must smell aweful to the wolf, coffee and sweat not the best thing to smell like. He looked around and spied a small birdbath a few yards away, smiling he walked over to it and studied the mirky brown water that rested in it, well, at least I can cleanse it and make it better. Placing his hands on eaither side of the bowl only letting his thumbs break the waters mirky surface. Speaking in a soft voice he said, "Jhaer eir sol os madyrn var thys sor shydia eil thysaelaes tysi shi taelaer." the water shined for a moment, as if the moon had hit it, then the water was a clear blue, like the ocean, smiling wider he cupped his hands and splashed some water on his face. The water seemed to dissapear as it made contact with his skin. Turning he hoped the girl hadn't seen, moving back to the bench he sat down, "Sorry I needed to wet my face."

Deridian had just undergone his change into his vampire form and he was feeling the side affects from the dreaded curse eating away at his life."To many more of these and I might die," he said laughing after he realized he was in his vampire form who wouldn't die for many a year to come unless some humans were able to stop him."I need to find nourishment," he said smelling the air for blood as he stood in a deserted part of a park.

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