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             Kakashi club!!!!!
this wiki is for ppl who luv or just think he is awesome!!

[Ari Miharu]
2: [*Sakura-chan*]
5:[xX Doomed Vampire Doll Xx] I FUCKING LOVE KAKASHI HATAKE!!!!!!!!!!!
6:[Lasagna Hater] CHI!!!! He's so cute!!! *huggles*
7:[~Crimson Angel~] Kakashi is smexy!
8:[Eyden13] *sigh* he is so awesome *glomp*
9:[SunCloud] --yay--

the pics!

<img:><img:><img:>"WTF DID I JUST SAY!! oh well u pass"

<img:><img:>  <img:>

Banners! (Put them one your house!)



By: [Eyden13]


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2012-01-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: This place died too. <img:44166_1164145230.gif>

2012-01-30 [Tsunade]: i know!! kakashi's amazingness will never die though

2012-01-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: I know!

2012-01-30 [Tsunade]: <img:img/mood/61513_1174777570.gif>

2012-01-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: <img500*0:>

2012-01-30 [Tsunade]: omfgggggg...

2012-01-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: Hot, isn't he?

2012-01-31 [Tsunade]: yes!

2012-01-31 [~Crimson Angel~]: *drools*

2012-01-31 [Tsunade]: (my boyfriend would laugh at me so badly!) omg! i tried to get him to get his hair done gray when it was shorter. now he'd make a great itachi!

2012-01-31 [~Crimson Angel~]: Really?

2012-01-31 [Tsunade]: yupp :]

2012-01-31 [~Crimson Angel~]: Cool

2012-01-31 [Tsunade]: i know, now it's just getting him to actually do it!

2012-01-31 [~Crimson Angel~]: I hope he does. lol

2012-02-01 [Tsunade]: same. i'd probably glomp him so hard ^u^

2012-02-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2012-02-01 [Tsunade]: now rereading what i said it sounds totally dirty, ^__^' but its not ment to be!:3

2012-02-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: That's why I laughed. <img:44166_1164144907.gif>

2012-02-02 [Tsunade]: <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

2012-02-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

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