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Kafy's Slaves.

Put your name and what kind of slave you will be to me.
You're allowed to be ANY kind of slave you want. ;)
AAAAAAND... there can be more than one slave with each title... >.> If that makes sense... XD

1. [Line Viper] - Minioniness Slave! <3 hehe
2. [~Crimson Angel~] - Anime Slave. I shall bring you any anime you want, virtually of course cause I'm broke. XD
3. [The Last Dragoon] ask me what you desire and I shall obey
4. [Koho Ai] THE ANTISLAVE Everybody needs one of those
5. [Caritas] THEE insaneish likeness slave who is really nermal...:)

Username (or number or email):


2011-01-18 [Iruvielle]: ....
*smiles, nods and pretends she understands then casually walks away*

2011-01-18 [The Last Dragoon]: it was a line often used in those little segments at the end of the original G.I.Joe and Transformers (G1) cartoons back in the 80's

2011-01-19 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2011-01-19 [Koho Ai]: Yes I remembers now

2012-02-21 [The Last Dragoon]: <img:> Hidden Demons now recruiting

2012-02-25 [Koho Ai]: Anarchy anarchy anarchy *le screaming* anarchy anarchy anarchy

2012-02-25 [The Last Dragoon]: <img:>

2012-02-25 [Koho Ai]: Dinner *grins chaotically*

2012-02-26 [The Last Dragoon]: <img:>

2012-02-26 [Iruvielle]: mmmm dinner....

2012-02-26 [The Last Dragoon]: <img:>

2012-02-26 [Iruvielle]: PFFFT! *kicks Naruto and holds up a sign* "GIVE ME KISAME OR GIVE ME DEATH! (but preferrably Kisame)"

2012-02-26 [The Last Dragoon]: <img:>

2012-02-26 [Iruvielle]: *has designated herself Akemi, The Littlest Akatsuki* :D

2012-02-26 [The Last Dragoon]: <img400*0:>

2012-02-26 [Iruvielle]: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! *huggles them all in turn*

2012-02-26 [The Last Dragoon]: ^w^

2012-02-26 [Iruvielle]: AAAHHH!
You've found my weakness!!

2012-02-26 [The Last Dragoon]: everyone has one

2012-02-26 [Koho Ai]: *lines up for the buffet* So what should I eat first *drooling*

2012-02-26 [The Last Dragoon]: <img:>

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