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You see a shop that's very different from the others that line its sides. Wind chimes hang from the landing above the front door, and exotic flowers sit in pots that line the wall.
As you walk in, you smell the many elouring scents of insence and candles mixed together. More plants sit in the window sills, and next to the front table, a pool sits. As you gaze into the crystal waters, koi fish dance thru their watery world, chasing after each other. A circle of sofas and chairs are lined around the pond, with small tables with books and snacks here and there.

On the back wall, there are a few bookshelves lined with all kinds of books. On the side wall, cabinets filled with herbs line the wall. Underneath them, a green python slithers around, sniffing for rodents that might infect the precious stores above him. Sitting on the shelves is a potted orchid, and on it, a beautiful blue and black butterfly sit, eyeing the customers. 
In the center, a table sits. Next to it, there is a smaller table, with tarot cards and a bag of runes. Orchid incense burns on the table. From the back, you hear footsteps, and the owner appears, a eloquent creature with many piercings and tattoos, dressed in black and green, smoking a long pipe of opium. "Can I be of service," he asks, bowing to you. He offers you a seat and as you sit at the round table, he returns with a tray of tea, some cups, and some sugar. As he moves, you notice he isn't entirely human as his visage implies. His movements are so fluid, almost snakelike. As you begin to question his roots, he suavely says, "Yes, I am a naga..." and pours some tea into the cup in front of you.

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2012-12-29 [ChibiTibs]: They loved me and even had a couple of gifts for me so that was all nice and whatnot. I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Nothing really planned for New Years, I work that night and probably won't be doing much if I'm not feeling better by then. I've had a cold like thing and it's really starting to get on my nerves, why can't it just go away? T.T

2012-12-30 [雛労 チャン]: because colds suck that way :( i have to work 6pm-6am new years a server alone its gonna suck

2013-01-02 [ChibiTibs]: Yeah they do, luckily it has mostly passed. That's no fun, I had to work as well but not near as late and because it was so slow they sent me home early. It was a decent enough New Years, at the very least I kept with an old tradition that says you should be doing on New Years eve when the year turns over what you want to be doing the rest of the year and cuddling with my love was just the thing ^ ^ so I'm hoping for a good year for everyone, I hope we all can have some fun and make good advances and whatnot.

2013-01-03 [雛労 チャン]: I was working......haha god i hope thats not what ill be doing all year long. I wish they would have sent me home it was sooooo slow :/ i only made like $70 dollars in 12 hours and i had 2 $20 dollar tips

2013-01-04 [ChibiTibs]: Dang that's no fun at all, then again business can be kinda stupid about knowing when to shut it down when it's too slow while others are too quick to start dumping out the employees to save on their costs *rolls eyes* My job is currently doing that, I think yesterday was the first time in about a month and some change that I didn't go home early.

2013-01-04 [雛労 チャン]: yeah, they just dont wanna send people home when they should >:( id rather work less and make more then work alot and make the same or less.

2013-01-07 [ChibiTibs]: Yeah. I'd like a job that pays more or at least has benefits than take the low pay I get now even if it is a little above minimum wage. I hate that I don't get the hours I need to make anything of real worth it makes it all the more harder to save up and afford anything. Its frustrating even more that my culinary schooling is going all to waste cause I can't even get into a resturant to work and the more I'm out of a kitchen the worse my skills get and makes it even worse. I hate it, I hate what the world has become to crush my dreams in that respect of a career.

2013-01-12 [雛労 チャン]: I know how you feel. I have a job as a server and there is good money in it, but they just have sooo many of us on the floor we cant make any.... I think im just gonna stay until i get the experience for it then im gonna leave and find a better job as a server somewhere..

2013-01-12 [ChibiTibs]: Yeah its frustrating but maybe things will get better soon enough, just gotta keep hoping and trying. It's all we can do for now.

2013-02-01 [雛労 チャン]: Hope is all we have....

2013-02-03 [ChibiTibs]: That and being persistant in job hunting, got a couple of leads that are closer to home, so keeping my fingers crossed I can get something better soon. I wish you the best of luck as well.

2013-02-28 [雛労 チャン]: Good luck! :)

2013-03-02 [ChibiTibs]: Thank you! Having to wait until next week as that's when everyone has said they will begin callbacks at that time.

2013-03-03 [雛労 チャン]: that's always good lol

2013-03-14 [ChibiTibs]: indeed, though I haven't heard from anyone yet T.T I did manage to file my taxes and re-apply for food stamps though so I don't feel too unproductive

2013-04-01 [雛労 チャン]: Hey that's always something! I got wrote uo at my job for having bad table turned times and beverage %'s because i work during senior BOGO....and all they won't is water and to sit there forever..... then they turned around and told me i was 1 of the 2 best servers they had on dinner shift.... the fuck?

2013-04-05 [ChibiTibs]: bah that's food service industry for ya, yellin at ya one minute and then complimenting ya the next so you don't feel like up and leaving them. The bastards...still job hunting for me but it's been slow and the longer I have to search the less motivated I get...that and paychecks have been whittling down, I had to cut into my savings just to pay my portion of the rent this month :( I may never get a car if this kind of crap keeps happening in my life, it's so damn frustrating

2013-04-06 [雛労 チャン]: I know the feeling soon as I get a car im leaving and finding a new job.....

2013-04-13 [ChibiTibs]: Yeah, gonna be tougher with my own spending myself and see if I can't at least get a moped that will help me out some as far as job hunting goes. Best of luck to both of us right?

2013-04-13 [雛労 チャン]: yeah pretty much lol. I do believe we are the only ones that ever use this anymore :(

2013-05-06 [ChibiTibs]: Yeah, got a current job lead that would let me work from home mostly but I'm worried a bit that it could be a scam, I'll find out on Tuesday. Yeah it would seem that way, sadly enough. I should poke the others to remind them lol

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