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This Wiki is for my
~Imaginary Children~
AKA: The characters that I create!

"Boil, boil. Toil and trouble! Fire, burn, and cauldron, bubble..."

The only thing that I will say, that if you happen to like a character of mine, let me know, and I'll let you borrow it, as long as you put the link of where you got it on the rent page...
(Yes, I probably will rent out my characters to you lazier role-players. For free, of course. Just put up a link about where you got it please ^_^ )
But otherwise, feel free to look, touch, and if you want to start a sporadic RP with someone, contact either, [Rice], for she likes to rp, [bekahcoolbeans], for she likes to rp as well, when she's on, or myself. ^.^
'Kay thanks!

Fantasy / Reality / Miscellaneous

Picture: <img200*0:>
Name: Jackson Smith (likes to be called Jack or Jackie)
Age: Mid twenties - early thirties.
Height: 6'2"
Build: Lean, but strong, but also kind of delicate looking.
Magical Abilities: mental persuasion (not full blown telepathy, but he can pressure someone to do something by planting an idea in their minds)
Personality: Jackson is a very quiet person. He's a deep thinker, and very often gets mistaken for an arrogant bastard, when in fact, he is very shy around everyone accept his boyfriend, Vile.
Jackson is very easily distarcted by the glamour of evil and the purity of the good, so he never can quite decide wether or not he wants to join his boyfriend or not.
He's also looking to try and get vile to think about adding a third to their party, someone rather pure.

Name: Faith Verita
Age: 21
Height: 5'5"
build: light and petite
Magical abillities: healing and forcefield
Personality: Faith is the very essence of pure. She was raised in a catholic orphanage, and the local nuns consider her to be a saint. she is very naive, and holds fast to the morals that she was raised with, but it doesn't mean she can't be tricked, like eve in the garden of eden.
If she belives that she is doing right, she'll do it.

Username [Rook.]
Name I'll keep that to myself, but you can call me Poe
Age ageless
Sex female
Species a quarter vampire, three quarters dark elf
Height 5' 7"
Weight 125
Physical Appearance see picture...A 16 year old looking girl with pale skin, black hair, Blue eyes that change with her mood, and almost always wears black. Her face has the look of an open and trusting girl who has not seen anything any more horrible than a slain rabbit. Her eyes, however, betray that illusions if you know how to read them. Her eyes are what you watch in a battle, for she has a slight habbit of blinking quickly before she attacks.
Weapons anything an assasin like me would use.
Rank/Profession I am an assasin, the best there is

Name Gabriel )aka The anmeless One(
Age 14
Sex male
Species human
Height 5'4"
Weight 100 lbs
Rank/Profession soothsayer
Physical Appearance blonde hair, blue eyes, pale pink skin, thin,
Weapons magic

Username: [Rook.]
Name : Newton
Age : 18
Sex : Male
Species : Forest Brownie
Height : 3" 1 cm
Weight : less than a pound
Rank/Profession : Musician
Physical Appearance : Red curly hair, freckles, brown clothing, and always carries a pan pipe and flute
Weapons : dart pipe

Name: Fabu Le Keystone
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 143
Personality: Outwardly, he's outgoing, bubbly, and social, the perfect person to run in the 'social' circles with Blair. When in private and the people are gone, he's a true gentleman. Protective, reserved, strong, and slightly sarcastic. to him, everyone is a littl ebrother or sister.
Weapons: Pins, chains and daggers
Weakness: He's in love with both Blair and Robin, and hates that he loves both, so he's willing to do anything for them both.
History: When Robin opened her flowershop, he came in looking for a job, and thats how their friendship started. They started training with the pins and chains for fun at first, then Fabu was invited to be part of a secret group, and he willingly accepted. Before Keystone, he was a pimp and a fashion expert.

Picture of Ghost

Picture of Human Counterpart (opt.)

Name: Misu
Age when you died: forever 21, baby!
Height: 5'7"
Male/female: female, obviously.
Personality: Sexy and seductive, bitch!
Why are you still on earth
I'm trying to seduce this lovely man I was in love with in real life... He tried so hard to save me when I was hit by a boat (long story... quite tragic, too.) I want him to be able to see me... He's a medium, you know... He can see us ghost types.
Human counterpart: My main man, Greyson!
Age: He is 28 now.
Height/Weight: 6'4", 150 lbs
Hair/ Eye: Brown, brown
Personality: Quite shy... lovely in bed, as I've heard.

Marla Sams
5'3" / 100
purple / violet
quiet, observant, shy, compassionate, easy to get along with, musical
She came to the musicbox house after the Establisher's wife adopted her, spotting her musical talents and magic abilites at the age of 13. She never left the Musicbox House, now an academy for musicaly gifted children. She teaches Piano and Music theory for the Academy.
Username: [Rook.]
Magical Abilites:
Controls Water/Ice/Cold/Etc.

Name: Mason
Age: Old
Maker: Adrian
Human: Food/Lover -Food turned Lover
Personality: Sarcastic, dry, dirty, nonchalant
Special Abilities: "Mind Hacker", can make you see/feel things that arent there.

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